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The intellectual property department was established at the enterprise by the order № 445/443 dated 12.07.2011 upon the proposal of the General Director, Igor Nicolayevich Karapeychik. Vladimir Yakovlevich Zayka, the deputy chief engineer of the Scientific and Technical Complex of the Private joint-stock company “Azovelectrostal”, a patent attorney of Ukraine from 1995, an honored inventor of Ukraine has become the head of the Intellectual Property Department.

Владимир Яковлевич Зайка

The structure of the Intellectual Property Department incorporates two bureaus: the Intellectual property protection Bureau, the head of which is Kirill Vyacheslavovich Shumeyko, and Scientific-technical information Bureau, the head of which is Elena Petrovna Kalashnikova. The Scientific and technical information Bureau includes the Scientific and Technical Library, where Yana Aleksandrovna Blyakhman is a chief librarian, the Patent collection Library, where Nataliya Vladimirovna Marchenko is a chief librarian and the Normative and technical documentation Library, where Irina Valeriyevna Marflyuk is a chief librarian.

The main task of the department is to provide:

- The patentability and patent clearance of the output products both on the territory of Ukraine and countries of export.

- The complex legal protection for all new subjects of the intellectual property at the enterprise.

- Keeping the patents valid as well as keeping in force the certificates of inventions, designs, useful models, trademarks and other subjects.

The Intellectual Property Department of the Science and Technical Complex of PrJSC”Azovelectrostal” performs the following works for the enterprises of PJSC “Azovmash”:

- executes applications on the acquisition of patents for inventions, useful models, designs;

- executes applications for the registrations of trademarks and service marks;

- draws up documents for the reregistration of trademarks, extension of trademark validity and files amendments concerning the owners of the trademarks and their addresses;

- executes applications on the international registration of trademarks, service marks;

- provides legal services on executing applications for the registration of copyrights;

- executes contracts and licensing agreements on transferring the rights for the subjects of the intellectual property to the third persons;

- files the objections to the decisions and requests of the State service of the intellectual property for all types of applications;

- performs the computer support for the status of application consideration and passing the application materials through the divisions of the State service of intellectual property of Ukraine.


The importance of the libraries which are the educational establishments, book houses, “book storerooms” is great:  they keep for us the most valuable and essential achievements of humanity.

The library was established practically from the ground up but its necessity was justified. The books were exceptionally of the scientific and technical direction and there were no problems with their delivery and payment. The Russian and Ukrainian publishing houses supplied regularly the literature subscribed.

The library has been and remains the best in the city in respect of the variety of the specialized literature and possesses the unique collection of the scientific-technical and patent literature. The library collection composes more than 120 thousand of publications. 

For 54 years of its existence the scientific and technical library has accumulated the unique collection of the technical, social and economic literature as well as the reference materials for providing the educational and scientific process for one of the largest machine building enterprises of Ukraine.


These books are intended for the professionals of the different specializations: designers, steelmakers, electric welders, economists, etc. The scientific works of the enterprise’s employees, such as Candidate’s and Doctor’s dissertations on the themes of the enterprise, periodic publications, information and abstract journals in paper and electronic formats, normative-technical and patent documentation are stored in the Scientific and Technical Library. 

The Scientific and Technical Library of the Scientific and Technical Complex of PrJSC “Azovelectrostal”  contributes to the high quality of education and research investigations by the way of formation, classification, storage of the library collection and making it available for use by the enterprise’s employees having applied (by applying) for this the systematic and alphabetical catalogues.


The renewal of the library’s bookish stock is a mandatory condition for its existence.  Each year the library performs the subscription campaign. The patent collection is constantly supplemented with the retrospective publications and publications of a current year published not only in Ukraine but also in Russia. The books and periodic publications are always the fundamental basis for the information potential. These information resources are the most popular among and available for our readers. That’s why the Scientific and Technical Library pays a great attention to the questions of stockpiling of its collection. Only in 2012 PJSC “Azovmash” spent 278,5 thousand hryvnas for the subscription of technical and patent literature.   


The library provides services to about 4000 readers by the library cards; the reading room provides its services for more readers actually. The reading room of library is a space for the independent work where the enterprise’s employees conduct the patent researches concerning prior art and patent clearance of the new subjects.

More than 300 different national and international periodicals published within the period of the last 5 years and 20 different newspapers published within the period of the last 2 years are at the readers’ disposal in the reading room. In 2011 upon the administration’s decision the library was repaired and put in order and the copying-and-duplicating machines and computers were procured for 64,7 thousand hrivnas. 

The library of “Azovmash” remains up-to-date with progress: computer and special programs for the operation with card-catalogue and documents were purchased. Besides, the internet connection permits to find quickly the necessary patent information and connect with other libraries and patent collections of the country. At present the electronic catalogue is being created, and transferring of the information about the procured literature to the various departments of the enterprise via e-mail is being mastered.


Nowadays the library established many decades ago provides benefit to our engineering departments and services to ensure the progress in new products designing, manufacturing organization and mastering new production processes.


intellectual property protection

The Corporate Policy of the Public Joint-Stock Company “Azovmash” is oriented to serve (servicing) the nation, the people as well as the shareholders of the enterprise on the basis of development and prosperity of the corporation by the way of production of various industrial and food products alongside with provision of the different kinds of the services needed by the society.

 The General Director of PJSC “Azovmash” Igor Nikolayevich Karapeychik pays a great attention to the legal protection of the intellectual property, creation of the favourable conditions for creativeness, including rationalization and invention.

PJSC “Azovmash” includes the following companies: PJSC “Azovobschemash”, PrJSC “Azovelektrostal”, Science-Technical Complex of PrJSC “Azovelektrostal”, PJSC “GSKTI”, PJSC “Azovmashtest”, PJSC “Thermal plant”, LLC “GSKBV named after V.M. Bubnov”. At the enterprise the complex of services for inventors and development engineers (rationalizers) are provided by two subdivisions: 

-              the Intellectual Property Department of the Science-Technical Complex of PrJSC “Azovelktrostal” and

-              the Scientific-Technical Information and Patent Bureau of LLC “GSKBV named after V.M. Bubnov”.

 Annually the Intellectual Property Department schedules a patent and licensing works, the items of which are included into the new equipment plan of the enterprise, systematically analyzes in detail the implementations of the plans and programs, creative activity of the design engineering departments and subdivisions of the enterprise, as well as the Doctors and Candidates of the Engineering Sciences and young professionals on the individual basis. 

 The Intellectual Property Department of the Science-Technical Complex organizes the stockpiling of patent collection. The enterprise’s patent collection is a tool for inventors, developers and patent specialists. The effective work of the Intellectual Property Department is impossible without the patent collection.

Currently the patent collection stockpiled at the enterprise is sufficient to carry out infringement search, novelty search and state of the art search. The enterprise’s patent collection comprises over 1,5 mln. documents. There was issued a bibliographical reference list of the enterprise’s patent collection in hard and electronic format, which includes countrywise index of all patents indicating the e-mails of the foreign patent information stores.

One of the main tasks of the Intellectual Property Department is to provide the specialists with the patent information as to the non-infringement quality of an invention. Therefore on a regular basis the enterprise makes a subscription to patent documentation and to reference and search tools for patent collection, besides the patent collection is constantly processed, and monthly bulletin of recent additions and accessions to the patent collection is issued and sent to the structural subdivisions of the enterprise.     

            The structure of the enterprise’s subdivisions requires the special functional control scheme for intellectual property management. Hence there are authorized coordinators responsible for organization of work on intellectual property protection in design engineering and technological departments of the Science-Technical Complex; and for those specialists there have been developed and approved the duty regulations. Currently there are above 10 patent agents appointed by the orders at the enterprise.

The differential advanced patent professional trainings for all categories of engineers and technicians are envisaged in the program of the complex activities for 2011-2015 approved by the General Director of PJSC “Azovmash”. The trainings will be performed in two stages.

        The first stage of trainings includes:

-          Course training in the training centre по 4; 8; 32; 76; 90 часовым программам.

The second stage of trainings includes:

-          Study in higher educational institutions such as: Priazovskiy State Technical University, Mariupol, National Technical University Kharkov Polytechnic Institute, Ukrainian Institute of Intellectual Property in Kiev - Branch of the Odessa Academy of Law.

 Over the last two years monthly the newspaper “Azovskiy mashinostroitel” (Azov machine builder) with circulation of a fifty thousand copies has published more than 30 articles written by the specialists of the Intellectual Property Department about practice in the application of intellectual property protection laws, non-infringement quality and novelty of inventions, principles of unity of inventions, and other relevant topics.   

    There are carried out the lecture promotion of the legal protection of industrial property, as well as the protection of copyright and associated rights of the employees of PJSC “Azovmash”.    

 The early stage of work of the Intellectual Property Department involved the constant organization of different types of patent works oriented to the complex protection of the intellectual property of PJSC “Azovmash”. It was the stage (the first year after foundation of the Intellectual Property Department) when over 25 orders, directives and regulations were developed and drawn up for the enterprise as well as the series of complex actions were envisaged. The paten protection activity progress for the last five years was analyzed. For example, the indices of the enterprise filing of applications from 2008 till 2010 were 9-17 applications per year, and from 2011 there was a steady growth of filed applications  as follows: in 2011 – 33 applications, 2012 – 38 applications. (See Figure 1) 

1. Quantity of filed applications, nos. 2. Years of filing of applications (надписи на схеме)

Fig. 1. Dynamics of filing of applications into the Intellectual Property Department of Science-Technical Complex of PrJSC “Azovelectrostal” by PJSC “Azovmash”
in 2007-2012.

For the last two years the great work has been performed both on keeping in force of the trademarks of the enterprise and on development and registration of new trademarks protecting new classes of goods and services (see Fig. 2).


Fig.2. The existing certificates for the trademarks in Ukraine, 2007 – 2012.

The branding with using the intellectual property subjects contributes to the successful promotion of the products and services of PJSC ”Azovmash” into the market for products and services.
Therefore, the trademarks of the enterprise as one of the tool sets of the marketing contributes to the formation of the positive image of PJSC “Azovmash” as the manufacturer of products and services and directly the positive image of the products and services themselves in the consumer perception on the designated territory.

Eleven trademarks registered and valid are the intellectual capital of the enterprise.
It should be mentioned that the great attention is paid to the quality management system at the enterprise. More than 250 existing standards of the enterprise are oriented to the improvement in the quality of the products.

The complexity in management of the inventive and patent licensing program is in the territorial separateness of the groups of PJSC “Azovmash” enterprises. In connection with this at the latest there were developed several standards concerning the patent licensing activity in the production quality management system. They are the enterprise standards such as: СТП 05.184 “Technical level, patentability and patent clearance of the produced technological items” and СТП “Trademarks for the products and services of PJSC “Azovmash”.

The standardization of the patent and licensing programs is a guarantee of the output of the non-infringing products of the high quality.

The basis for the development of the invention and patent and licensing activities is the working out and the practical application of all possible forms of moral and material encouragements for the inventors. It contributes to the development of activities on innovation, rationalization, selling of licenses and further commercialization of the intellectual property of the enterprise.
The growth of indicators of the patent and licensing activity which began after the establishment of the intellectual property department at the enterprise is shown in Figures 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

Since 2012 the review competitions to find out the best inventor and the best innovator of the plant have been held at the enterprise.

Annually PJSC “Azovmash” selects “the best invention for energy saving”, “the best invention oriented to the environment protection”, and “the best invention directed to the raw material and fuel economy”.

The best inventors and rationalizators are awarded with the Certificates of Merits and gifts of money by the order of the enterprise.

The regulations for the differentiated payments of remunerations for use of the inventions and the innovation proposals were developed at PJSC “Azovmash”. According to the regulations agreed with the trade committee of the enterprise the sum of the remuneration to be paid depends on the annual saving due to the use of the invention or the innovation proposal in production, but that sum of remuneration must not exceed 10,000 hrivnas for one author for one proposal per annum.

There have been provided the encouragement of inventors for receipts of patents of Ukraine granted on their applications for high-effective inventions. The inventors are officially given the colour copies of the patents. The photographs of the authors of the inventions implemented are placed on display stand in the museum of history of PJSC “Azovmash”. The articles about the best inventors and inventions of the enterprise are constantly published in the various newspapers, such as: “Azovskiy mashinostroitel” (“Azov machine builder”), “Mriupol time”, “Priazovskiy rabochiy” (“Azov region worker”), “Donechchina” (“Donetsk region”), and in the annual digests of the Academy of the Technological Sciences of Ukraine, Donetsk regional department “Intellectual property”, and in other print media.

The history of the technological development of the enterprise, as well as the history of inventions, rationalization and patent-licensing activity is represented by the exhibits in the museum of history of PJSC “Azovmash”.

Over the recent years at the enterprise the number of female inventors has increased. Hence in 2012 the patents were received by Anna Afonova, Alla Gogol, Yevgeniya Koshanskaya, Nellya Popova, Marina Sebyakina, Galina Tarasova, Tatyana Terekhova, Viktoriya Terzi, Natalya Marchenko, Ninel Zgodinskaya, Olga Klyueva, and Natalya Panibratova.
Nowadays as a result of accumulation of the definite protected intellectual property stock the Intellectual property protection Bureau works on giving a wide publicity to utilized and patented subjects aiming to sell them under the license agreements. So far, the subjects used for manufacturing which have brought a great efficiency to the enterprise are proposed to the other affiliates under the license agreements.

For the moment at the enterprise the particular intellectual potential has been accumulated and protected by the patents. The enterprise numbers over 3000 inventions and utility models, 120 industrial prototypes, 14 trademarks. Growth in volumes of the inventions and economic efficiency of their usage allow to offer the series of subjects used and work in practice with a great socioeconomic impact and protected by the patents of Ukraine and Russian Federation for realization under the license agreements.

Experience in organization of works on complex intellectual property protection is studied by the representatives from the different enterprises of Ukraine and Russia.

And it is not a mere coincidence that taking part in the Exhibition of Economic Achievements (VDNKh) in Moscow PJSC “Azovmash” was awarded with a Diploma and 11 medals.

Intellectual Property Department Phones: 38-61-40, 51-70-30,
+38 067 190 13 42, 51-73-18

Library Phone: 51-84-42