Palace of culture "ISKRA"

ДК Искра

Palace of Culture “Iskra” is a cultural center of PJSC “Azovmash”. It conducts educational, entertainment, cultural work not only among the employees of PJSC “Azovmash” but also among children, residents of the district and the city.

Palace of Culture “Iskra” was founded in 1966.

1967-1970 - Formation. The Palace of Culture became a winner of the all-Soviet Union socialist competition among the cultural organizations devoted to the 100th anniversary of V.I. Lenin birth and a winner of the socialist competition named “Club for Production Enterprise”.

Vocal-instrumental ensemble “Molodyye Golosa” (Young Voices) – the first amateur ensemble of Palace of Culture was awarded an honorary title “People’s”.

In 1970 that title was assigned to the Satire Theatre and wind band which were the Laureates of the regional and republican festivals.

1972-1976 - Palace of Culture “Iskra” was awarded with Diploma of Merit by the directorate of the All-Union Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy of the USSR and the Diploma of the USSR Ministry of Culture for its active role in cultural patronage in the country.

Palace of Culture “Iskra” became a prize-winner of the republic contest “Club and the socialist competition”. The children’s sector was awarded with the Diploma of Merit by UkrSovProf.

PC "Iskra" was entered into the book of Labor Glory of the All-Union Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy of Ukraine by the resolution of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the of UkrSSR, the Council of Ministers of UkrSSR and UkrSovProf.

The Satire Theatre was awarded with the regional Komsomol premium named after Artem, the circus troupe – with the Diploma of Merit of the Central Committee of the All-Union Leninist Young Communist League of Ukraine.

14 on-stage performance groups of Palace of Culture “Iskra” were the participants of the republic contests of the first All-Union Festival of Amateur folk arts. Five of them became its laureates. Three of them received the gold medals.

The honorary title “People’s” was awarded to the amateur film studio and the circus troupe. In 1977-1985 the Palace of Culture “Iskra” was awarded with the Diploma of Merit of the All-Union Central Trade Union Council and first prize money.

The honorary title “People’s” was awarded to the sixth on-stage performance group - the children’s folk dance ensemble “Brigantina”.

The People’s wind band was awarded with the Diploma of Merit of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of UkrSSR, took the first prize in Republic television contest “Solar clarinets”.

Palace of Culture “Iskra” was the prize-winner of the republic’s festival of the cultural establishments in honour of the 60-th anniversary of the Great October Revolution and awarded with the Diploma of Merits of UkrSovProf.

Palace of Culture “Iskra” won the first prize in the contest “Propaganda of technical science knowledge by films” organized by the regional committee of the trade union of heavy engineering workers.

There were 6 People's Universities, 6 People’s on-stage performance groups, 12 amateur communities and clubs in the Palace of Culture “Iskra” at that time.

1985-1999 – the period of Perestroika, collapse of the USSR and the period of Ukraine Independence formation influenced on the culture destructively. It affected the Palace of Culture “Iskra” to the full extent as well. But it stood it and survived.

In 1999 all 6 People’s on-stage performance groups of the Palace proved their titles before the regional review committee.

2000-2003 – the renewal of the enterprise alongside with the Palace of Culture “Iskra”. The general reconstruction was performed in the Palace. Another four on-stage performance groups were awarded the honorary titles “People’s” and “model/perfect” by the decision of the presidium of the Federation of the Trade Unions of Ukraine.

In 2002 after the reconstruction PC “Iskra” opened wide and cordially its doors for factory workers and city residents.

Nowadays in the Palace of Culture “Iskra” there are 18 amateur-talent groups attended by 1200 participants.

Ten on-stage performance groups have the honorary title “People’s” and «perfect/model», they are: People’s wind band, the satire theatre, People’s circus “Olimpiya”, Perfect art dance group “Brigantina”, People’s musical choreographic ensemble “Suzirya Priazovya”, Model ballroom dance ensemble, People’s retro-jazz, People’s classical dance ensemble “Nadezhda”, People’s show ballet “Matador”.

There are all conditions for rest as well as for spiritual and cultural development in the reconstructed and modernized Palace of culture. These are up-to-date rehearsal halls, aesthetically designed foyers, auditoriums with the systems of air conditioning and heating, dining room, shower rooms which meet all the contemporary requirements.