Park named after Petrovskyy

One of the places worth seeing in Mariupol is the park named after Petrovskyy situated in Ilyich district. The total area of the park is 27.2 ha, a large part of it is covered with green plantations.

In 2002 under the guidance of A.V. Savchuk “Azovmash” company began the complete renewal and modernization of the park named after Petrovskyy without sacrificing the existent plants. The architectural and landscape gardening design of the park was changed completely, comfortable walkways were paved, and various kinds of thujas, junipers, bushes, flowers and trees were planted. Annually before the season opening the flower beds are set. The team of shop №153 of PJSC “Azovobschemash” headed by S. A. Pasko and subdivisions of the enterprise keep the park clean and take care of the plantation maintenance.

After the reconstruction which began in 2002 the Park became a place where you can come and have a pleasant rest with your family or friends.

Within the territory of the park there is SC “Azovmash” in which the basketball games of BC “Azovmash” are held; besides SC “Azovmash ” is a place for wrestling, basketball tournaments, the enterprise’s Olympiads as well as for trainings in various sports sections.

Besides, in the park there is a square for dancing with a stage, where different festive events, sports competitions, concerts of the ensembles and groups of the Palace of Culture “Iskra”, numerous cultural and entertaining activities are held.

The visitors can relax in the comfortable café “Azovmash” where they will be offered delicious dishes a la homemade and where they can celebrate the occasions, weddings and anniversaries. Besides, guests of the park can visit the bowling, ice skating rink, and children’s playground with inflatable bouncer and swings.