Factory clinic

On guard health of factory workers
Health workers - people who have devoted their entire lives difficult, but noble work - caring for life and human health.
Provision of medical care , disease prevention, conduct annual medical examinations of workers and organization of vaccination campaigns , promotion of healthy lifestyles - these and many other important tasks are the factory workers of medical service . Health promotion and preservation of disability factory workers remain top priorities in their work.
Today NFM company serves more than 20,000 people and includes not only the factory clinic, X-ray study, but 12 health centers located throughout the plant. In early 2012, in connection with the transition of Mariupol Airport in PJSC " Azovobschemash " was organized by another health center - № 16.
        Administration of the company constantly has great support and attention to the development and stability of the medical unit . And here it should be noted the results of fruitful work for the activities of a technical re-equipment, which allowed for the past few years to equip classrooms NFM new medical equipment, modern technology and equipment.
- In addition, the medical unit fully equipped with medical supplies, tools , materials, medical significance , clothing, printed form - adds the chief doctor . - As for the re-equipment , the micro-climatic conditions to improve health standards and offices NFM last year bought 2 air conditioners and 2 fridges .
        Costs amounted to 4,633,889 UAH.

Заводская поликлиника Азовмаш

However, the main value of the medical establishment " Azovzagalmash " - not in expensive equipment , and highly skilled professionals , who are always ready to guard human health.
        It is worth noting that azovmashevskie providers are constantly improving their skills by attending various courses and seminars .
- The staff of the health of the " Azovzagalmash " his high qualifications , as well as a substantial logistical base allow us to be optimistic about the future and quality at a high level to perform our tasks , - said the head physician .