SP “Zdorovye”


The sanatorium-preventorium “Zdorovye” of PJSC “Azovmash” is a unique resort and recreation complex for 155 persons reckoned to be one of the best “Palaces of Health” in Ukraine, located in the resort zone of Mariupol city at the Coast of Azov Sea.

The climate of the resort is moderate. The bathing season begins in May and ends in September.

The sanatorium-preventorium was constructed upon the individual design project and consists of three functional blocks joined with each other.    

 “Zdorovye” includes a modern diagnostic and treatment complex which makes possible to perform the health improvement and rehabilitation by means of physiotherapeutic methods.

The treatment complex comprises a competent department of hydropathy (with the baths of underwater shower massage, underwater horizontal skeletal traction, and shower rostrum) where the medicinal mineral water is used.

The rooms for electrophototherapy are equipped with the most-up-to-date medical equipment with programmable control systems. There is a room for gymnocolons with modern methods of hydrocolonotherapy available for people who wish to improve their state of health.

ENT cabinet is equipped with a unique Dutch unit which is a novelty in Ukraine. All year round a highly-qualified pediatric physician provides treatment for the children aged from 3 to 14.

During summer time the sunroof furnished with a shower with sea water is in operation. In the massage room massage treatment procedures are performed by massage therapists experienced in the classic and oriental massages.

The highly-qualified medical specialists perform the procedures in medical rooms equipped with modern appliances.

After the reconstruction headed by A.V. Savchuk there was put into service a building with a room for exercise therapy, a speleotherapy room, a salt chamber, a sauna with a swimming bath, and a room for mud therapy.   

In 2012 the annual amount of expenses was 4 274 432 hryvnas.

Annually the sanatorium-preventorium of PJSC «Azovmash» welcomes 2100 employees. The health improvement is performed in accordance with the uninterrupted schedule including 14 sessions of 21 days.  The schedule of arrivals and the plan of revitalizing is drawn up taking into account the seasonality of diseases and the sickness rates at the enterprise. 

The sanatorium-preventorium provides the perfect conditions for the recreation and rest.  The winter garden with a fountain and live plants create a beautiful atmosphere in the cold season of a year.  The comfortable twin bedded rooms are furnished with a shower and toilet.  The suite rooms are furnished according to the requirements.

There is a dance hall, a game room and a library for the mass cultural events to be held.

In the sanatorium-preventorium the great attention is paid to the organization of rational dietary therapy. The dishes are constantly fortified with vitamins, and the days of the ethnic cuisine are organized.

The food is cooked and served with using the modern facilities. All conditions for having and enjoying meal in the restored dining room are created.