Council of Veterans

The Council of Veterans of PJSC Azovmash was founded in 1980. At present time the veteran organization of the enterprise unites 11 915 persons, including 1350 combatants, 245 veterans served in the Armed Forces during war times and disabled war veterans. 10 320 labor veterans are registered in the organization.

Assistance to veterans and care of them is under the constant supervision of the administration and the trade union committee of PJSC Azovmash. Thus, war and labor veterans of PJSC Azovmash quarterly receive financial assistance. In 2011 amount of such assistance was increased by twice. PJSC Azovmash renders single financial assistance, pays bonuses dedicated to the Victory day and the 8th of March. In the first half of 2013 the enterprise spent 4.4 million UAH for these purposes.

The duties of Azovmash Council of Veterans include:

  1. To hold organizational work with veterans directed at consideration and when possible at satisfaction of the vital questions regarding social assistance and protection of veterans.
  2. To keep register of war and labor veterans on pension, peacekeeping soldiers, and prisoners.
  3. To inspect life conditions of Azovmash veterans to define amount of financial assistance.
  4. To find ill, lonely veterans who are in heavy financial situation and need protection and immediate assistance.
  5. To request rendering of financial and other assistance on the basis of results of social conditions inspection.
  6. To carry out annual verification, clarify and supplement lists of Azovmash veterans.
  7. To request Azovmash management to carry out repair work for indigent veterans by using resources of enterprise subdivisions.
  8. To assist veterans in rendering of medical service, receiving of vouchers to sanatorium Zdorovye and other Azovmash recreation facilities.
  9. To organize congratulations of veterans with significant dates and holidays.
  10. To carry out and direct the work of the Council of Veterans in close cooperation with administration and trade union committee of the enterprise.

The Council of Veterans incorporates the Council of Good Relations. Thanks to its activity veterans, who are in hospital or unable to move without exterior help, have never been left without attention. The Council of Veterans has never forgotten to congratulate persons under its care with the post cards dedicated to holidays and remarkable dates. The assistance is provided for repairing the roofs, fences and providing with solid fuel.

The Council of Veterans held the following main events in 2013:

  1. Personal appointment of veterans regarding improvement of financial state and everyday life is carried out daily. It includes rendering of financial aid, repairing the housing, engineering nets, providing the solid fuel, vouchers for improvement of health, etc. In 2013 the veterans received 51 vouchers to the sanatorium Zdorovye and 230 vouchers to Tourist and Executive complex “Azovye”. The trip to the battle places of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Sevastopol-Alushta, was organized. 35 veterans took part in this trip.
  2. Excursions to the St. Pokrovskiy Cathedral, village of Boevoye, as well as to historical sites of Mariupol were organized.
  3. Visiting of ill patients at their homes and hospitals.
  4. Participation in all factory, district, and city events dedicated to remarkable dates.
  5. Holding of the meetings of veterans with the young people in sponsored boarding school dedicated to remarkable dates.
  6. Congratulations of the person of anniversary in newspaper “Azovskiy Mashinostroitel”.
  7. Readjustment of memorial signs of the Battle glory.
  8. Organization of the meetings of veterans of war and labor.

Viktor Vladimirovich Filipskiy is Chairman of Azovmash Council of Veterans, Honored Mechanical engineer of Ukraine. Viktor Vladimirovich was born on November 16th, 1936. He served in Hungary in 1955-1958 as peacekeeper. He is invalid of the third degree. He was rewarded with Order for Courage. He worked at Azovmash from the day of its establishment. He worked as fitter, foreman, and chief foreman. More than 40 years he was a chairman of the trade union organization of the shop No. 123 of “Azovobschemash”, and of Azovmash Council of Veterans.

Viktor Vladimirovich actively holds patriotic work. Under his guidance the corner of military glory was created, as well as book about Azovmash veterans was written. V.V. Filipskiy holds discussions and meetings with veterans of the enterprise, veterans of Ilyich Iron & Steel Works, and veterans of machine building lyceum. Activity of the Council of Veterans is covered on the pages of newspapers, such as “Mariupolskoye Vremya”, “Azovskiy Mashinostroitel”, as well as in TV-shows and articles regarding veteran organization activity on the TV-7. Viktor Vladimirovich constantly takes part in city events dedicated to the remarkable events in the life of the state and the city. He is a constant guest in the families of combat veterans. V.V.Filipskiy has active living position; he takes part in the work of Mariupol Union of Veterans of War, of the council of labor and war veterans of city and district.

The Azovmash Council of Veterans works in close cooperation with the Council of Veterans of Ilyich Iron & Steel Works, Azovstal Iron & Steel Works, Mariupol port, the Union of Chernobyl cleanup veterans, and Priazovskiy Association of Peacekeeping Soldiers.

Trips of veterans, their parties, recreation in the health-centers of the enterprise are organized upon the initiative of Viktor Vladimirovich Filipskiy, with supporting of Azovmash management. Azovmash Council of Veterans works in close cooperation with Youth Union in the field of military training and patriotic education of young workers of Azovmash.

The enterprise regularly carries out initiation ceremonies of young workers with participation of the veterans. Charitable assistance is regularly provided to the veterans. They are participants of holydays, grand meetings.

The Veteran Organization under the guidance of V.V.Filipskiy is considered as one of the best in the city. There is much merit in it of its Chairman.