Safety and
Environmental Protection

Public Joint Stock Company Azovobshemash

Public Joint Stock Company Azovobshemash is leader of Ukrainian heavy engineering, the largest heavy machinery enterprise with complete cycle of production of different railway freight cars, open-top wagons, tanks, railway flat cars, fuellers, armor, metallurgical and mining equipment, large-tonnage hoisting cranes of different types. Policy of Azovobshemash management meets international standards in the sphere of work safety and environmental protection; it is grounded on comprehensive assessment of the danger level of enterprise manufacturing entities by means of revelation of typical danger and harmful factors, its analysis and assessment, elimination and reduction of emergency situation risks.

The enterprise has the Permissions for performance of hazardous work and operation of hazardous equipment with validity period to 22.11.2016, issued by the territorial administration of the Civil Service of Mining Supervision and Industrial Security.

Work Safety and Environmental Protection Service was founded at Azovobshemash. It includes the Work Safety and Environmental Protection Department (WSEPD), the Technical Supervision Service (TSS), the Fire Protection Service (FPS), headed by the Deputy Director General for work safety and environmental protection.

The Work Safety and Environmental Protection Department Regulations were developed and agreed by the Director General according to existing legislation. The WSEPD consists of group of work safety specialists, group of environmental protection specialists and sanitary-industrial laboratory.

The safety management system has been implemented and functioned at PJSC Azovobshemash since 1984. It has been constantly improved due to enterprise structure changes and enactment of new laws.

The Order of the Director General No. 380 “About improvement of work safety management system” as of 04.06.11 established Work Safety Management System Regulations, developed as per international standard ON SAS 18001-2007.

The Work Safety Management System stipulates main regulations, structural imaging and organizational structure, determines complex of measures directed to its legislative, scientific, engineering and informational support. The system optimally combines the elements of management cycle with ordered forms and methods of work safety preventive measures.

According to mentioned Regulations supervision for work safety and operation of the Work Safety Management System is carried out at all levels of management activity as per existent scheme of work safety management from director general to worker.

Three-stage control method is main principle of work safety control in the company. Company directives annually appoint standing commissions, as well as approve schedules of shops inspections and schedules of complex inspection, carried out by the Work Safety Service.

The enterprise carries out purposeful work on professional training, staff retraining, education, and knowledge tests of managers, chief specialists, engineers and workers in the field of work safety.
The enterprise has 6 technical industrial training facilities and training centre with classrooms, including computer classroom with necessary visual aids.

The Work Safety Department has work safety office with new stands and up-to-date office equipment. The work safety office is the centre of informational and methodological work of all PJSC Azovmash in the field of work safety.

The enterprise annually develops events for meeting to work safety standards, issues orders “About work safety results for the last year and tasks for the following year” (in 2013 – the order No. 10 as of 04.01.2013).

This year according to mentioned Director General Order, more than 1.3 billon UAH is planned to be spent on events for prevention of accidents, morbidity restriction and general improvement of work conditions in Azovobshemash structural divisions.

For the purpose of professional diseases prevention and decrease of general morbidity level the company obligated its employees to pass not just preliminary medical examination before employment, but also periodical medical examinations during labour activity of the specialists, who hold positions of hard work with harmful and dangerous conditions or positions, on which enterprise out-patient clinic makes selection of staff members. In addition the enterprise annually carries out work on immunization of workers against influenza, fluorography and pelvic examination of women.

For the purpose of creative initiative of separate employees and whole collective of shops and departments in the sphere of the following improvement of work conditions of each work place, reduction of accident frequency rate and professional diseases, the enterprise annually in November holds review contest for the best work collective. The winners are awarded with cash bonuses.

PJSC Azovobshemash annually takes active part in city work safety review contest and won awards in its different nominations.

One of the main directions of PJSC Azovobshemash activity is reduction of harmful environmental impact made by the enterprise. Special attention at the enterprise is paid to the questions of atmospheric air and water pond protection, rational usage of natural resources, reduction of waste products volume. The enterprise constantly maintains existent dust and gas collectors in good order and high efficiency.

At present the shop No. 124 carries out works for installation of the second step of gas cleaning – FN-3500 filter from shot blasting. The first step of cleaning consists from cyclone CN-15. Purification efficiency of the first step makes 84.2%; expected efficiency of the second step makes 93%.

To improve ecological state the enterprise and the city pay great attention to planting of trees and shrubs. To this effect the enterprise has shop for planting and beautification. In 2012 the shop set more than 465 trees, 116 shrubs and 3600 m² of flowers.

The treatment facilities (catch basins) of shop No.424 are equipped with new technology of sewers cleaning from petrochemical products by means of new modified, ecologically friendly, produced from vegetable feed, oil-absorbent sorbate “Ecolan – M”, which does not require further utilization. Also for this purpose soft slick bars are used with STRG filler, reusable sorbate on the basis of specially treated graphite.
A great attention is paid to collection, storage and realization of plant waste. Thus, toxic waste of the 1st – 3rd classes of dangerous is sent to specialized organizations for removal, valuable waste goes to procurement organizations. Domestic waste and building refuse are removed to SDW landfill.

Departmental laboratory environmental control at the enterprise is carried out by the industrial sanitary laboratory of the WSEPD. Governmental company “Donetskstandartmetrologia” certified the laboratory for the right to make measurements in the field of governmental metrological supervision; by-turn Regional sanitary-and-epidemiologic service certified it for the right to certify working places with purpose to confirm benefits and compensations for work in harmful conditions.

In the sphere of governmental metrological supervision the laboratory carries out measurement of physicochemical characteristics of industrial waste in atmosphere made by stationary objects, of waste, surface, and drinking water, of work area air at work places in structural divisions, of physical factors of operational environment, as well as control of heaviness and tension of working process. All measurements are made exclusively in accordance with sphere of laboratory certification for the right to make measurements.

Regular certification of work places conditions was held at the enterprise in 2009 by the specialists of Mariupol Sanitary and Epidemiological Station, as a result 100% of work places with harmful work conditions were certified. According to carried out certification all employees, who work on positions with harmful conditions, are granted with all benefits and compensation provided by law.

In 2012 the enterprise won all-Ukrainian contest “Ecological quality and safety” in nomination “System approaches to management and implementation of cleaner production technologies”. It was awarded with diploma and memorial sign.

During the last three years our enterprise has become the winner of the contest “Leader of nature protection activities” within the frameworks of all-Ukrainian programme “Ecology, environment and nature management in Ukraine”.

Engineering Supervision Service perform technical supervision for production process safety, safe exploitation and technical conditions of lifting equipment, detachable load-grappling devices, crane rails, hoists, lifts, vessels, which work under pressure, coppers, steam and hot water lines, compressor installations, as well as control for training of workers, who operate high risk equipment, their professional training and up-skilling.

For protection of workers lives and rescue of company’s material assets the enterprise has the Fire Prevention Service, which disposes of 4 ZIL cars – 130 AC – 40, АСВ devices and devices of AUER company, individual safety masks of Drager company.

For learning of practical skills by workers in usage of primary fire-extinguishing means the shop quarterly carries out special trainings. In July 2013 the enterprise held contest among shop volunteer fire brigades with practicing on fire with fire extinguisher OPZ – 6.

Preventative measures, training of practical skills, duty during temporal firing works in shops enable fire avoidance.

At present successful business directly depends on its ability to operate safe and with minimal environmental impact. PJSC Azovobshemash considers investments in people and environmental protection as investments in the future. Our company seeks to build corporate culture where every worker feels his involvement in common cause.

Marketing policy of our enterprise includes certification of enterprise management system in 2014 according to international standards ON SAS 18001:2007 “Occupational healthand safety management systems” and ISO 14001:2004 “Environmental management systems – Requirements with guidance for use”.