Cast iron desulfurization device

The cast iron desulphurization device (УДЧ) in the ladle with capacity of 300 ton is intended for cast iron desulphurization by way of feeding the reagents powder in carrier gas flow.

The reagent injection is performed by aid of two tuyeres simultaneously as per technology of firm ESM (USA),  that permits to decrease the desulphurization time (about 45%)  in comparison with one-tuyere analogues  without efficiency loss of desulphurization by magnesium and to save the reagents.

The main assemblies of complex: Stand for tilting the hot metal ladle,  blowoff  tuyere travelling unit,  temperature measuring and  sampling device,  movable tuyere platform, device for moving the blow-off tuyeres.  

The stand  for tilting the hot metal ladle is intended for installation of the hot metal ladle on it  when blowing and ladle tilting for the slag slimming. The stand is installed at the zero mark. To perform the slag skimming process the ladle is tilted with aid of stand at the angle near to the angle of hot metal tapping through the ladle lip. The ladle tilting angle depending on the hot metal amount in it is equal to 12◦ at 300 t and 19◦ as 280 t.   After skimming some part of slag, in case of necessity,   the ladle additionally is tilted at the some angle that ensures the more full removal of slag.

 The blowoff  tuyere travel unit is intended for the vertical moving the blowoff tuyere in the ladle to feed the reagents into the hot metal.  

The temperature measuring and sampling device is intended for temperature measurement and taking the hot metal samples at the desulphurization process.

The movable tuyere platform is intended for moving two blowoff tuyeres installed on it and the temperature measuring and sampling from the non working zone  in the desulphurization zone.