Sport Complex “Azovmash”

The basis for the foundation and function of the Sport Complex is the Order of the First deputy General Director of OJSC “MZTM” №202-2 dated 05.01.2004.

The Sport Complex is the structural subdivision of the department of social-economic complex of PJSC “Azovobschemash” performing social and economic functions.

The Sport Complex is through the Head of the department of social-economic complex under the authority of (reports to) the deputy General Director – the Director on general issues and of public relations of PJSC “Azovmash” and the deputy General Director on social issues and of communications of PJSC “Azovobschemash”. 

Main tasks:


- To develop and improve management and organization of physical training and sports, to ensure the conducting of work-out sessions and holding of the International basketball competitions, Greco-Roman wrestling tournaments,  track-and-field events.  


- To conduct Spartakiad for the employees of the enterprise on 13 kinds of sports such as:









Shooting sports

Track and field athletics

Kettlebell lifting

Hiking technique

Sports family


The competitions are held on for the purposes of:

- Popularization of these kinds of sports;

- Excellence of contestants’ sportsmanship;

- Discovery of the strongest sportsmen to take part in the competitions within PJSC “Azovmash” or city;

- Health promotion and performance of medical and preventive measures in rehabilitation center

- Execution of sports-mass events for employees of the enterprise and city residents;

- Community outreach in the city, resting places, etc.  

- Generation of plans for the SC sports-mass events and their fulfillment;

- Sports-public events execution.


All the results are reported in mass media.