Wrestling Club “Azovmash”

The history of Greco-Roman wrestling in SC “Azovmash” dates back to 1974, but the greatest successes have been achieved by the wrestlers over the recent twenty years. The numerous victories at the European Champions Cups, the World and the European Championships as well as at the Olympic Games have been written into the history of the Club. The Club is proud of its world-class wrestlers: Vyacheslav Oleynik – the Olympic Champion, David Saldadze – the Olympic medal-winner, Rustam Adzhi – the Champion of the World, Grigoriy Komyshenko and Ruslan Khakimov – the European Champions, and others. Over the history of its existence the Wrestling Club has trained 5 Merited Masters of Sports, 16 International Masters of Sports and more than 125 Masters of Sports. From year to year SC “Azovmash” trains new generations of talented wrestlers. Annually Mariupol Greco-Roman wrestlers achieve great results at all-Ukrainian and International arenas; and the prestigious International Greco-Roman Wrestling Tournament “Azovmash Cup” is held under the aegis of SportsPalace “Azovmash”.

  Official website - www.sc-azovmash.org