PJSC “MZTM” (Mariupol Heavy Engineering Machine Building Plant) is the legal successor as of right to “Zhdanov Heavy Engineering Machine Building Plant” (ZhZTM) founded in 1958 on the basis of the mechanical and assembly shops of Metallurgical Works named after Ilyich. On May 1, 1958 the enterprise became the legal entity.

The intensive development of the plant began. Alongside with the production of refuellers for the rocket vehicles and tank cars the plant was manufacturing the component parts for the armored vehicles and carriers, and the heavy engineering was being developed.  The production of the convertors, cranes, rotary excavators and bucket excavators, process equipment for the convertor and blast furnace shops, chemical reactors and pressure vessels was mastered for the short period of time.

In 1962 ZhZTM became the lead enterprise in the USSR on convertors construction; in 1964 the plant began to specialize in 1963. Сборка конвертера в ТЦ2 manufacturing the bimetal pressure vessels and excavators, from 1969 in cranes production. There were being designed the refuellers TZ-16, TZ-22, TZ-45 and mining equipment. The products of ZhZTM were known in the dozens countries of world. The enterprise was the monopolist in the production of the tank cars. Above 50 types of the tank cars were being produced. The production capacities were being increased. The production of the consumer goods was being mastered. The participation of ZhZTM in the program “Motherland Shield” was being grown.

In 1971 the plant was awarded with the Order of Lenin, and its director V.F. Karpov was honored with the Title of Hero of Socialist Labour.

In 1976 on the basis of ZhZTM the production association “Zhdanovtyazhmash” was established. The plant was awarded with the Order of October Revolution, Polish order for the outstanding technical achievements.

In 1980 I.D. Nagayevskiy became the Head of the enterprise. In 1989 “Zhdanovtyazhmash” was renamed as “Azovmash” which became a concern in 1991.

On January 20, 1994 on the basis of the enterprises subjected to corporatization and forming a part of MariupolState concern “Azovmash” the OJSC “Azov” was founded by Order № 62 of the Ministry of Machine Building Industry of Ukraine. A.E. Antifeyev became the Chairman of the Board. In 1996 fourteen firms formed part of OJSC “Azov”.  

Notwithstanding the decline in the production the enterprise continued to put into production the new machinery, took part in the execution of the order on delivery of 320 armored vehicles for Pakistan. The new tank cars were being produced.  In 1996 V.P. Sadikov headed OJSC “Azov”. At that period OJSC “Azov” faced the severe crisis. The production of the tank cars was stopped; the salary and payments to the budget were not paid.  The enterprise was on the verge of bankruptcy. Only after that A.V. Savchuk and his team headed OJSC “Azov” on December 10, 1999, the enterprise was saved from the bankruptcy.

They began to pay the salary, to settle the debts. OJSC “Azov” was incorporated into OJSC “Azovmash”.

Upon A.V. Savchuk’s initiative the OJSC “Azov” was given its historical name – OJSC “MZTM”, registered in the city council on March 26, 2003.

The renewal of the social complex began: Palace of Culture “Iskra”, Palace of Sports, Sanatorium-preventorium and other objects were restored.  

The new products were being designed – open top cars with hatches, box cars, flat cars with long base, convertor and blast furnaces equipment, portal cranes.

In 2006 V.I. Telytsya became the Chairman of the Board of OJSC “MZTM” in view of A.V. Savchuk was elected as People’s deputy of Ukraine. 

In 2009 I.N. Karapeychik became the Chairman of the Board – the General Director of “MZTM”.

On November 11, 2010 the  property of OJSC “MZTM” was transferred to OJSC “Azovobschemash” and CJSC “Azovelectrostal” for lease out or realization by the decision № 11 of the Supervisory Council.

In 2011 OJSC “MZTM” was renamed as PJSC “MZTM”.

In July 2013 V.N. Rachinskiy was appointed the General Director of PJSC “MZTM”.