Container for nuclear fuel dry wastes

The container lining 292143. and the protecting ring 292143. are the component parts of the ventilated concrete storage container (ВБК) for nuclear fuel dry wastes  (СХОЯТ) at Zaporozhia Nuclear Power Station (Separate subdivision (SSD) “ZNPS”).

The container steel plate lining and its concrete shell limit the dose level of radiation on the external surface of the container ВБК to the design limits.

The manufacturing and acceptance of the container lining and protecting ring is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the standard СНиП III-18-75 and ТУ-У 74.2-24584661-002-2003.



External diameter, mm                                                                          2014
Internal diameter, mm                                                                             1854
Height, mm                                                                                                5200
Thickness of the protecting ring, mm                                                        152
Mass of the container lining pos.1, kg                                                    20440
Mass of the protecting ring pos.2, kg                                               540
Material    Steel 20
Coating of the internal surface of lining                                        

Enamel KO-828M, aluminum