Overhead traveling electric crane with a swing jib with lifting capacity of 30 /12,5 + 10 t

Overhead traveling electric cranes with a swing jib with lifting capacity of 30 /12,5/10 t and 30 /12,5/10 +5 t are designed for load lifting operations in the rectangular cast houses of blast furnaces at 6K crane operating mode according to GOST 25546-82.




Lifting capacity, t:  
load trolley                     30/12,5
jib                                    10
Lifting height, m:  
load trolley                      16
jib                                   11,5
Rotational speed of swing part, C-1       0.0125
Angle of jib swing, deg.                        270
Lifting speed, m/min  
main hook                         0,25/0,5
jib hook                             0,16
Traveling speed, m/min  
crane                                1,0
trolley                              0,63
Vertical load on crane track rail, not over, kN 500
Type and size of crane track rail under GOST 4121-76 Кр 80
Supply voltage of power network, V AC 380