Aircraft bowser АТЗ-10


Aircraft bowser АТЗ-10-6322 drawing 9096.00.000
on the truck  chassis KrAZ-6322

The aircraft bowser ATZ-10-6322 (hereinafter referred to as ATZ) on the base of chassis of KrAZ-6322 is intended for the fuelling of the aircrafts with aviation fuel (in Russia РТ, ТС-1 as per GOST 10227, Jet A-1 as per GOST 52050; in Ukraine РТ as per  GSTU 320.001149943.007;  ТС-1 as per GSTU 320.001149943-011).

ATZ is manufactured in the version  of У category 1 as per GOST 15150 for operation in temperate climate   (the operation at the air temperature from - 40ºС to+ 40ºС . The limit value of the air temperature when operating is +45ºС.

Main specifications:

Rated tank capacity,l


Pump capacity at the closed filling ( at the back- pressure after the nozzle of the closed filling  0,15 MPа (1,5 kgf/cm2), m3/h (l/min)

36 (600)

Pump capacity at the open filling, m3/h (l/min), m3/h (l/min)

24 (400)

Vacuumetric height  of the pumping unit suction, m, not more


Number of the distributing lines, pc


Maximum permissible pressure of fuel at the output  from the distributing hose
Ду50, kgf/cm2 


Length of distributing hose  Ду50, m, not less  


Cutoff filtration rating, μm 


Content of the  free water after the dewatering  filter, % as per weight, not more


Basic error of the fuel counter, %, not more  

± 0,25

Productivity of the tankage, m3/h, not more  


Diameter of the connected devices on the tank, mm


Type and main parameters of the breathing device as per GOST 25510


Number of the forcing suction hoses Ду75, pc



Loading of the tank with aid of extraneous pump by the bottom and top methods.

Loading of the tank by own pump.

Filling of the aircrafts under pressure by the bottom method.

Filling of the aircrafts by the open method with using the extension bar for the connection of the distributing pistol.

Fuel agitation in the own tank.

Discharging of the fuel from the tank with pump or by gravity.

Pumping-out of remaining  fuel  from the distributing hose.

Design of  bowser:

1. Tank

  • It is of the cross section oval shape, uncalibrated, made from the corrosion resistant stainless steel
  • Bottoms and internal partitions of the tank are the curved shape;
  • In the bottom part there is a longitudinal channel for collecting the fuel sedimentation; 
  • In the top part there are a discharging neck and breathing device with the air filter;
  • There are a mechanical volume indicator of the  filling  and  of filling limit level alarm;
  • In the bottom part of tank there are  two  bottom valves Ду100 with pneumatic control, drain system with ball cock Ду40 for discharging the fuel  and ball cock Ду10 for sampling;
  • There is a device for sampling of the fuel behind the closed fuelling nozzle.

2. Chassis  KrAZ-6322 of the ecological class «3» (certified as per Rule  №96-2 United Nations Economic Commission for Europe for the all-wheel drive chassis)

  • Chassis- truck KrAZ-6322 (6×6) is refit specially for carrying the dangerous cargoes such as: protection of the fuel tank, outlet of the motor exhaust gases is located  on the  right with the spark suppressor, electric wiring is protected from the mechanical damages and from the penetration of the fuel spilling  in the zone of the special equipment and tank, the beacon of the yellow color is installed.
  • Protecting wings with splash guards are installed over the wheels
  • Set of SPTA (set of spare parts, tools and accessories, including the spare wheel with holder is installed in the rear part;
  • Remote control of the motor (at the parking) from the fueling station on  which there is the motor emergency stop button;
  • The rear protecting device is installed;
  • The side protecting devices and end-outline  side lamps are installed.

3. Filling system

  • Fuelling equipment includes the required devices and instruments for the safety filling of the aircrafts;
  • Fuel pipelines and on-off valves (ball cocks  Ду10, Ду15, Ду20, Ду40, Ду65) are made from the corrosion resistant stainless steel;
  • Position of the ball cock handle is unique for the operator;
  • Working pressure for the fuelling system is  6 kgf/cm2;
  • In case of the emergency situation the operator has the possibility immediately to stop the filling process by means of the pressing the emergency stop button (red color) of the motor operation.

4. Fuel transfer pump

  • Self-priming centrifugal pump I СЦЛ-20-24Г is intended for the aviation fuels and ensures the performance of the ATZ operation stated parameters (production of OJSC «Pumping works», Schelkovo, Moscow region);
  • Driving of the fuel transfer pump from the chassis transmission transfer gear.

5. Dewatering - filter

  • Dewatering filter  ФВГк-56.516 (production of research and production association «Agregat», Chekhov, Moscow region) with the spare set of the filter components;
  • Dewatering filter  housing made from the corrosion resistant stainless steel;
  • Sampling before the filter, after the filter and sediment bowl.

6. Flow meter -counter

  • ·Fuel counter ППВ-100-1,6СуК, the accuracy class of 0,25
    (OJSC «Prompribor», Livny, Orel region) without the instant flow indicator and check printer;
  • Availability of the current GosStandart Certificate of  Russia about approval of the measuring type.

7. Filling and pressure suction hose

  • Filling hose ОРТ-50 with  length of 15 meters as per  ТУ 38105620-86 with nozzle of the bottom filling and pressure regulator and with simpler (of type 60427 CDEF46К + WL 29229/25 of firm «Karter»);
  • There is a possibility to replace the nozzle of bottom filling by the distributing gun РП-40Г (from the set SPTA);
  • There is an integrity testing device of the ОРТ-50 filling hose strings on ATZ;
  • Filling hose is located on the hose drum, the winding of the hose is performed mechanically with application of the pneumatic drive;
  • ATZ is completed with two pressure suction hoses Ду75.

8. Tank loading limitation system

When reaching the fuel limit level in the tank:

  • Filling valve is closed;
  • Extraneous pump  (in the filling station) is disconnected;
  • Light and sound signals are supplied.

9. Grounding system and fire-extinguishing means

  • Two coils with grounding cables (up to 30m) are installed on ATZ, one coil at the end of the cable has the “alligator” clamp for aligning of the potential between the ATZ and aircraft, other coil with the pin at the end of cable is used for the  grounding . The winding of the cables is mechanized.
  • ATZ has the grounding circuit continuously contacting with ground;
  • The fire-extinguishing means for the ATZ such as the box with sand, fire blanket, two  dry-chemical type fire extinguishers  ОП-6 and one carbon dioxide type fire extinguisher  ОУ-5 or  ОУ -7 upon Customer’ request (the requirement on excluding or confirmation when coordinating  the contract)

10. Interlocking system of the truck running 

System «INTERLOK» locks the brakes of truck in case of:

  • Non removed distributing hose;
  • Non disconnected  filling hose when loading the tank.

11. Warranty

Warranty period of operation – 18 months месяцев from the commissioning .

Operating time during the warranty period not more than 25000 km of running or 500 hours of filling station equipment operation. 

12. Additional conditions of the product delivery

12.1 All operating documentation (operating manual, log-book, certificates and others) must be submitted in Russian language.

12.2 Warranty maintenance is carried out in accordance with warranty liability, and post-warranty service is performed during concluding the agreement on the service.

12.3 Painting of the external surface of ATZ is performed with enamel of firm  «Hempel» under the color diagram as per the design documentation, with the yellow or white colors (indicated in agreement)  with indication of the aviation enterprise name, ensign plate, garage number timely  provided by Customer on  the left and right sides.

13. Special features of the completion:

Under the contract conditions the ATZ can be completed with the distributing hose  HD50C «ELAFLEX» and the  fuel counter МКА800 of firm «Alfons Haar», Germany.