Ladle furnace

The ladle furnace ПК-60 is intended for making the high quality steels with the specified chemical composition and properties for the following casting of the billets as the continuous casting machine or production of the market grade ingots.

The ladle furnace enshures the performance of the following technological operations:

1. The electrical heating of metal in the ladle to the temperature 1660-1700°C  ( for the subsequent treatment at the vacuum vessel) with speed of 5°C/min;
2. The automatic dozing rate of the solid additions into metal with purpose of its deoxidation treatment, alloyage, inoculation within the specified limits;
3. The automatic control of the chemical composition and hot metal temperature with aid of temperature measuring device and sampling;
4. The blowing the liquid steel by argon through the bottom porous plugs as well as in emergency through the roof lance;
5. The input of the powder and aluminum rods into the hot metal through door with aid of wire feeding machine;
6. The input of the carbon bearing powders by means of injection in the compressed air jet.


Specifications of the ladle furnace

Model ПК-60
Metal heating speed, °C/min 5
Rated capacity of metal in the ladle, t 60
Roof type Water cooled 
Roof lifting speed, mm/sec 50
Number of electrodes, pc. 3
Diameter of electrodes, mm 350
Pitch  circle diameter of electrodes, mm 600
Electrode spacing lifting, mm 2500
Electrode lifting speed, mm/sec
- in automatic mode
- in handle mode
Water flow for the cooling the transformer, m3/h 35
Water flow for the roof cooling, m3/h 180
Average compressed air flow, m3/h 60
Average argon flow, m3/h 40...60