Сone-less top charging system

The cone-less top charging system is designed for receiving materials, their charging into blast furnace and distribution in the furnace top section in certain operating modes: circular, sector, spiral, to the point and combined (circular and spiral).

The main units of the bell-less top charging device are:

  1. hauled receiving hopper
  2. upper gas seal valves
  3. sealing
  4. hoppers
  5. basic probe
  6. charge gate unit
  7. lower valve unit
  8. funnel assembled
  9. compensator with catch
  10. drive
  11. chute distributor

Furnace volume, m3 1033..1386 1386..1709 2000..2300 3000
Funnel volume, m3 10 12 14 17
Hopper volume, m3 16 24 28 34
H, mm 16735 17905 18435 19655
Mass, ton 270 370 400 480


Gas pressure on the furnace top, MPa 0,25
Gas temperature on the furnace top, ºС 350
Agglomerate temperature, ºС 700
Chute tilt, deg 11...53
Chute tilt speed, deg.sec 1,28
Chute rotation speed, deg/sec 0,35; 1,34
Cooling of distributor bearings,blowing of gas seal valve seats nitrogen
Cooling of distributor units By water
Distributor drive Electro- mechanical.
Receiving funnel gates hydraulic
Gas seal valves of the charge gates hydraulic
Lubrication grease