Equipment for blast furnaces
Сone-less top charging system The cone-less top charging system is designed for receiving materials, their charging into blast furnace and distribution in the furnace top section in certain operating modes: circular, sector, spiral, to the point and combined (circular and spiral). Bell charging appliances Bell charging appliance is designed for receiving the materials, charging them into the blast furnace and distribution on the furnace top section. Charging apparatuses Charging apparatus is designed for taking the charge materials supplied from the charge distributer and their subsequent loading into the blast furnace. Atmospheric valve Ø500 Atmospheric valve is intended for releasing the stove of the blast furnace from the chimney. Hot blast valve Hot blast valve is intended for the separation of the stove of the blast furnace from the hot blast air line, when operating the stove in the mode “at the heating” or at the complete separation from the blast furnace. Gas throttle valve set The gas throttle valve is designed for the gas control supplied to the hot-blast stove gas burner and the full release of the conduit gas burner as at the normal operation and in case of failure of power supply. Mixing throttle valve Mixing throttle valve is intended for adjusting cold blast rate. It is mounted on the vertical section of cold blast main near the stove. Chimney valve Chimney valve is intended to separate the blast furnace stove from the chimney. Separator valve Separator valve is designed for fast overlap of the mixing air-line section in case of stop of the blast supply into the furnace. Cold blast valve The cold blast valve is intended for the complete separation of the blast furnace stove from the cold blast line. Bell control winch The bell control winch is intended for lowering and lifting of the large and small bells of the blast furnace charging appliances with aid of balance beams. Charge distributor The charge distributor is intended for uniform distribution of the charge materials on the large bell of the charging appliance. Skip Skip is designed for transportation of charge materials out of the skip pit to the furnace top and to the receiving hopper of the charging device. Equalizing valve The equalizing valves are designed for working as gas cut-off elements in the charging am discharging gas lines of the gas seal of the blast furnace charging device. Rope pulley The rope pulley is intended for the direction of the furnace hoisting machine ropes. It is installed at the charge bridge of the furnace hoisting machine ropes.