Scale car

Scale car is intended to take the burden materials from ore bin on the trestles of the blast furnace shop and to weight, to transport and unload theirs in the skipes.

The scale car fully corresponds to the production process of the iron production, equipment  and operation conditions of the blast furnace shops as per the intended use, main specifications and mounting dimensions.  

According to the purpose, to main technical parameters and mounting dimensions the scales cars completely conform to the production process, equipment and operation conditions which are in all blast furnace shops. At all these design improvements have allowed to perfect the technical and economic characteristics and to increase the service life  of the  scale car.  The OJSC “Azovmash” has been organized the production of scale car and fulfils the orders at the delivery of scale car as for the domestic metallurgical works so for export. The first export delivery of scale car has been made to ”Dunayvashmyu steel plants (Hungary).

The scale car is self-propelled car with two bins installed on the weigher. Each bin is equipped  with tightly locking gates provided with opening and closing mechanisms  controlled by means of  pneumatic drives.  In the bottom part the gates are lined by special material with increasing  wear resistance. The welded frame  of a scale car is rested on two biaxial carriages on the rolling bearings with electric and mechanical drives of moving. Two mechanisms of loading bins with rotation drives of swinging reduction gears. The scale car  is equipped with  compressor installation for feeding the compressed air to the lifting pneumatic system of the swinging reduction gears to the gate opening mechanism and into the pneumatic cylinders of the brake system of the travel mechanisms. The ventilation system for feeding the purified air into operator’s cab  is installed on the scale car. The control of all scale car mechanisms is performed from the control panel located in the operator’s cab.  The electric power supply is provided by means of a current collectors installed on the cab roof.

The scale car is equipped with audible and light signaling and could be manufactured  for track gauge  of width 1435, 1520 or 1676 mm. The weighting system under agreement with Customer could be made as lever type so and strain measuring type. Upon the Customer’s request another modification and additions with regard of concrete operating conditions could be introduced in the scale car design.

Load carrying capacity,t 40
Accuracy of weighting, kg ±100
Capacity of one bin, m 9,0
Number of bins 2
Total capacity of bins, m 18
Travel speed of scale car, mм/sec 0,2...2,3
Gauge width, mm 1520
Number of hydraulic cylinders, pc. 8
Mass, t 70