Transfer car T -70 (ore transfer car)

Transfer car is intended for burden materials transportation from the ore yard to the ore storage bins on the trestle of the blast-furnace plant.

Transfer car T-70 is a self-propelled car with bin provided with two tightly locking gates each of which has two opening mechanisms controlled by means of electric drives. In bottom part the bin walls are lined by means of the special material with increased wear resistance.

 The welded frame of transfer car is rested on two reinforced biaxial carriages. Two operator’s cabs and compressor plant with two air collectors serving for driving brake of transfer car moving mechanism are mounted on the frame.

The control of all mechanisms of transfer car is carried out easily by hand from the control panel installed in each of two cabs. The cab’ s design ensures enhanced comfort  for the operator’s work.  The power supply is provided by means of current collectors located on the side surface of one cab. The transfer car is equipped with audible and light signaling and can be  manufactured for track gauge of  1525, 1435 and 1676 mm.  With taking into account the concrete properties of operation the changes which are necessary to Customer in the transfer car construction can be made. According to the purpose, to the main technical parameters and the mounting dimensions the transfer car completely conforms to the continuous process of pig iron production, equipment and operating conditions of the blast furnace plants. At this, the performed construction improvements allow to perfect technical and economic characteristics and to increase the service life of the transfer car.

«Azovmash» has been mastered the production and fulfils the orders for transfer car delivery as for the domestic metallurgical works so and for the export. The first export delivery of the transfer car has been carried out to “Dunayvashmyu Steel plant” (Hungary). 

Carrying capacity, ton 70
Bin capacity, m3 32

Transfer car travelling speed, km/





Duration of opening and closing gates, sec 7,8
Control By hand
Mechanism drive Electro-mechanical type
Mechanism drive of the bin gates Electro-mechanical type
Mechanism drive of pockets and brakes opening Pneumatic type
Pressure in the pneumatic system, kgf/cm2 6,5...8
Lubrication system Centralized
Mass, ton  69