Bucket-wheel excavator ЭРШРП – 5250

Stripping rail-mounted walking bucket-wheel excavator of ЭРШРП–5250 type is used for opencast stripping operations under conditions of heightened moisture. The ЭРШРП–5250 excavator may be used for loading of handling material onto the stage loader, spreader or onto the overland conveyors.


Theoretical output, m³/h 5250
Specific digging force, N/cm² 140
Digging height, m 30
Digging depth, m 2,1
Stripping cut width, m 57
Diameter of wheel, m 11,5
Number of buckets 22
Bucket capacity, l 600
Wheel drive power, kW 2х1000
Conveyor belt width, mm 2000
Type of undercarriage rail-mounted - walking
Mean specific ground pressure, mPa  
under  skid 0,14
under base 0,24
Traveling speed of excavator, m/h 120
Supply voltage, kV 10