Bucket-wheel excavator ЭРШРД – 5250

The excavator is designed for mining operations on the coal deposits with carrying out drilling and blasting operations to provide coal lumps not exceeding 500-600 mm and for material loading onto the conveyors.


Theoretical output, m³/h 5250
Specific digging force, N/cm² 140
Digging height, m 30
Digging depth, m 2,1
Stripping cut width, m 60
Diameter of wheel, m 11,5
Number of buckets 22
Bucket capacity, l 600
Wheel drive power, kW 2х1000
Conveyor belt width, mm 2000
Type of undercarriage rail-mounted - walking
Mean specific ground pressure, mPa  
- under skid 0,13729
- under  base 0,23536
Traveling speed of excavator, m/h 120
Supply voltage, kV 10