Bucket-wheel excavator ЭРП-2500

Opencast bucket-wheel excavator of ЭРП-2500 type is intended for mining medium-hard coal. Besides the bucket-wheel excavator is applicable for excavation of caked sand loam, clay, weathered shale and other rocks, excluding hard rocks that are detached from rock mass by explosion.


Theoretical output, m³/h 2500
Specific digging force, N/cm² 140
Digging height, m 21,4
Digging depth, m 1
Stripping cut width, m 35
Diameter of wheel, m 8
Number of buckets 18
Bucket capacity, l 330
Wheel drive power, kW 860
Conveyor belt width, mm 1400
Type of undercarriage crawler-mounted
Mean specific ground pressure, kgf/cm² 1,35
Traveling speed of excavator, m/h 300
Supply voltage, kV 6