Portal loading crane of КПП 32-32-10,5 type

The portal loading crane is designed for loading of loose and piece cargoes at river and sea ports and besides it can be used at large building and industrial sites.


Lifting capacity, t:  
during operation with grab, including the grab own mass,at outreaches of 10-32 m 16
during operation with hook at outreaches of 10-32 m 32
Boom outreach, m  
maximum 32
minimum 10
Lifting height above rail head, m:  
during operation with hook, 28
during operation with grab, not less (up to the lower edge of the open grab) 22
Lowering depth below crane rail head, m:  
during operation with hook 13
during operation with grab 10
Crane gauge, m 10,5
Rear clearance of slewing unit, m    
below height of 26 m, not over 7
above height of 26 m, not over 9,5
Crane base, m   10,5
Speed of load lifting, m/s (m/min)  
with hook of lifting capacity up to 32 t 0,017..0,83(1..50)
with grab of lifting capacity up to 16 t 0,017..1,05(1..63)
Speed of luffing, m/s (m/min) 0,017..1,05(1..63)
Traveling speed, m/s (m/min) 0,017..0,33(1..20)
Speed of rotation, 1/s (rpm) 0,0017..0,027(0,1..1,6)
Current and voltage   50 Hz,  380 V AC