Rotary stacker-reclaimer УЗР-1000

Rotary stacker-reclaimer with conveyor is designed for stacking loose materials in layers and taking out the materials from the stack under the open storage conditions of by-product coke plants, metallurgical plants, ports, sintering plants, coal mines, power stations, etc.  The machine is applicable for works in “transit” mode, and at this the loose material is transferred by the storage conveyor to the stacking loading truck of the stacker-reclaimer and transferred by means of reloading chutes onto the storage conveyor again. 


Theoretical output, t/h  
stacking 1000
reclaiming 1000
Rotor boom swinging angle with respect to conveyor axis 105
Traveling speed, m/min 6-20
Travel, m (on customer’s request) 165-450
Track gauge, m 8
Stack overall dimensions, m  
length 165
width 30
height 15
Stack location with respect to track on both sides
Supply voltage, V 380