PJSC “Azovobschemash” is a leading in terms of production volume joint-stock company of “Azovmashinvest holding”.

In November 1947 by the order of the Council of Ministers of USSR the special production of the refuellers for the rocket vehicles was established at the Machine building and metallurgical Works named after Ilyich. 

         The foundation of Zhdanov Heavy Engineering Machine Building Plant ZhZTM for short)

Енергия Буран

made possible the development of that production. The enterprise participated extensively in the designing of the rocket vehicles, tanks, armored carriers as well as in armament of the Soviet Army with modern vehicles and equipment. The production of the aircraft refuellers was being developed. “ZhZTM” became the main enterprise in USSR on production of TZ-16, TZ-22 and other products.

The enterprise took part in the program “Motherland Shield”, assimilation of the strategic missiles, launching silos, etc. Zhdanov Heavy Engineering Machine Building Plant can proudly proclaim about its contribution to the peaceful space exploration and man-in-space shot.

In 1971 Igor Dmitriyevich Nagayevskiy was appointed as a deputy director of ZhZTM in “Obschemash”.

The mechanical general engineering production was being developed. The production of new tank bodies, armored carriers, complex for lunching the missiles from the rolling stock, aircraft systems was being mastered. The complex “Buran-Energia” was put into production. By the end of 1980s  the conversion began.  The mechanical general engineering was charged to master the production of gas stoves and gas water heaters, afterwards the electric cookers, autoclaves, boilers.

In 1990 Aleksandr Vladimirovich Savchuk headed the mechanical engineering production.

On the 15th of November, 1991 the firm “Azovobschemash” was created, and it was incorporated into the Concern “Azovmash” on the 15th of December in 1991. The development of tank semi-trailers with volume capacity of 28 cub.m for transportation of light petroleum products was started.

On November 10, 1993 the heating equipment plant was separated from “Azovobschemash”. After creation of OJSC “Azov” on the 20th of January in 1994 “Azovobschemash” company remained the state enterprise which was not included into the new established joint-stock company.

 From January 1, 1996 “Azovobschemash” became legally independent firm incorporated into the Concern. In 1997 “Azovobschemash” imported 320 armored vehicles of T-84УД type to Pakistan. In that year the firm “Azovobschemash” became OJSC “Azovobschemash” and A.V. Savchuk was elected as the Chairman of the Board – the General Director.

At OJSC “Azovobschemash” the wage was paid in time; the enterprise applied new technologies and equipment, took part in the International exhibitions.

The production of tank cars for transportation of petroleum products and propane-butane was mastered at the enterprise. It had got the Certificates of the Russian railways.

On December 10, 1999  A.V.Savchuk became the head of OJSC «Azov», and in а March, 2000 – OJSC “Azovmash”, the part of which was “Azovobschemash”. The new bodies of Ukrainian armored carriers were created and the production of tank car for propane with volume capacity of 103,4 was mastered.

“Azovobschemash” has been participating in the creation of the Brazilian-Ukrainian system “Cyclone-4” directed to the foundation of the space launching site “Alcantara”. The new ATZ-6,5 have been developed.  Practically all car building production and large shops of heavily engineering are the part of “Azovobschemash”. 

The refueller ATZ-10 has been developed.

In 2011 OJSC “Azovobschemash” became a public joint-stock company. Aleksandr Dmitriyevich Naumenko was elected as the General Director of PJSC “Azovobschemash”.

At present PJSC “Azovobschemash” is one of the largest producers of the freight cars in CIS countries: petroleum and benzene, gas, special-purpose tank cars, open top cars, flat cars with long base, hoppers for transportation of grain and mineral fertilizers, autorack cars, tank-containers for the different purposes, box cars for the different purposes, freight bogies.   

PJSC “Azovobschemash” is a leading company on the production of the convertor and blast furnace equipment, mining and crane machinery, bowsers and carries, armored vehicles and space products.

The social complex of PJSC “Azovobschemash” consists of the following: the Palace of Culture and Sport, the sanatorium-preventorium, the recreation camps at the Azov coast and the tourist center “Alaniya” in the Caucasus region (RF). Mariupol airport is a part of  “Azovobschemash” on the leasehold basis.