PJSC «Azovmash» is a successor of the production association “Zhdanovtyazhmash” renamed on the 30th of January, 1989 on the ground of returning the historical name to the city of Mariupol.Контейнер цистерна в мариупольском порту

15 November 1991 in accordance with orders  №№ 26 and 27 of State committee of Ukraine on Defense industry and machine building  12 firms became as  part of  the production association.

15 December 1991 the concern “Azovmash” was created on the ground of the firms and institutes, A.E Antifeev was  appointed as its President.

In 1992 the 12 firms have entered in the concern. On January 1994 the OJSC “Azov” has been created. Since January 1996 the division of the legal entities – firms of concern  has taken place.

Legally independent firms were included in the concern: “Azovobschemash”, Mariupol thermal plant, GSCTI, OJSC “Azov” and the construction and production firm “Azovmashstroy.

Since  May 8,  1996 V.P Sadikov  was appointed  as President of concern “Azovmash” and Chairman of the board  of OJSC “Azov”.

In 1997 the OJSC “Azovobschemash”, OJSC “GSKTI”. OJSC “ MTZ” were established and  the  concern stopped its activity.

The renewal of the unique complex “Azovmash”   began in March, 2000 when OJSC “Azovmash” was established on the base of OJSC “Azov”, “Azovobschemash”, “Mariupol thermal plant” , “GSKTI” in accordance with order № 5-АТ of State Property Fund of Ukraine. A.V Savchuk was appointed as President - Chairman of the board, whose name is associated with renewal of Mariupol machine building giant.

In March  2006 in respect of election A.V.Savchuk  as  People’s Deputy of Ukraine  V.I.Telytsya was elected as  Chairman of the board - General director.

VA. Savchuk  became the  President of OJSC “Azovmash”  holding this honorary office to the its death in November 11, 2012.

In  2009 I.N Karapeichik  became the Chairman of the Board –General director of OJSC “Azovmash”.

In December  2011 OJSC «Azovmash» is renamed  as Public joint-stock company and I.N Karapeichik is elected as General director of PJSC “Azovmash”.

PJSC “Azovmash” is a managing company, the largest machine building enterprise of Ukraine in the field of car building, heavy and general engineering industry.