Portal erecting crane of КПМ 160/80-38/63-15,3 type

Portal erecting crane is designed for assembling and erecting operations during the reconstruction and repair of the ships as well as for mechanization of works at the large building sites.  



Lifting capacity, t  16080
at outreaches, m 38/63
auxiliary hoist, t 40
Minimum boom outreach, m 20
Lifting height, m  
total     80
above rail head 65
Crane gauge, m 15,3
Speed of main hoist, m/min:  
basic (depending on the load mass) 9-18
setting        0,5
Speed of luffing, m/min  
basic 25
setting 0,04
Traveling speed, m/min  
basic  32
setting 10
Supply voltage of power network, V AC 380V