Portal erecting crane of КПМ 100-30-15,3 type

Portal erecting crane is designed for assembling and erecting operations during the reconstruction and repair of the ships as well as for mechanization of works at the large building sites.  



Lifting capacity, t   10/50/100
at outreaches of , m 53/50/30
Maximum boom outreach, m  53
Lifting height, m 50
Lowering depth, m 36
Gantry gauge, m 15,3
Rear clearance, m 27
Speed of , m/min  
lifting 8
luffing 25
traveling 32
Speed of rotation, 1/min 0,4
Load on wheel (not over), t  36
Current lead trolley
Current AC 380V 50Hz
Crane operating duty acc. to GOST 25546-82 7К(Т,60%)
Operation with electric magnet provided