Gantry crane with lifting capacity of 630/50 t

The crane is installed at the wharf of the plant “Atommash” (in Volgodonsk town, Russia) and intended for handling operations with heavy equipment for atomic power plants. It is possible to ensure the dual joint operation of two cranes of the same type. At their synchronous operation they are capable of lifting the equipment up to 1000 t in mass.



Lifting capacity, t:               
main hoist                    630
auxiliary hoist               50
Lifting height, m:  
main hoist                   30
auxiliary hoist               30
Quantity of trolleys, nos.              1
Lifting speed, m/min                
main hoist                    1/0,25
auxiliary hoist               10/1,8
Traveling speed, m/min    
crane                                        1,0÷20,9
trolley                                       10/0,5÷1,0
Supply voltage of power network, V      AC 380