Gantry crane with lifting capacity of 480 t

The crane is intended for high precision mounting operations at the shipbuilding works.

The large lifting capacity and span of crane, high accuracy of position control at load transportation, ensuring of turning over the suspended load by 180˚ as well as possibility of dual joint operation of two cranes lifting and transferring loads of up to 900 t mass increase the range of crane use.



Crane lifting capacity, t:     480
total                         2х160
upper trolley           160
lower trolley           115
Number of trolleys, nos. 2
Hook lifting height, m:  
total                             66
above crane rail head  56
Lifting speed, m/min          0,3 ÷ 6
Traveling speed, m/min  
crane                                        0,6 ÷ 30
trolley                                       0,4 ÷ 20
Supply voltage of power network, V         6000