Aircraft bowser АТЗ-22

Brief description and specifications of the ATZ -22 bowser with truck tracfor KrAZ (MAZ)

1. Application

The bowser АТЗ-22 (hereinafter referred to as ATZ ) is intended for the fuelling under the pressure with the aviation filtered fuel (Jet-A1, ТС-1, РТ as per GOST10227, GOST 52050 in pure state or in mixture with ПВК( anti-icing liquid) liquids of type «И», «ИМ» в in concentration to 0,1 % as per volume) of the aircrafts of all type in accordance with the current requirements of the Russian and international standards in the field of fuel preparation and fuelling of the aircrafts.

ATZ is manufactured for the operation in temperate climate (У1 GOST 15150) in accordance with the specifications ТУ У 3.33-13504966.095-98.

2. General requirements

2.1 The bowser ATZ-22 is manufactured with taking into account   the requirements ФАП (Federal Aviation Rules) «Certification of the ground based aviation equipment», approved by Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation dated 20.02.2003 г. № 19.

2.2 It is corresponds to the international standards for the products of this type in terms of requirements.  

  • Equipped with two independent automatic devices for the regulating of filling pressure ;
  • Absence  of the fuel contact with  zink, cupper and  cadmium;
  • Availability of the system  «DEADMAN» (dead statement);
  • Availability of the system «INTERLOK» - the interlocking of the running in case of the unfinished process steps.

2.3 It is served by the one operator-driver.

2.4 The operated functions are performed at the atmosphere air temperature from -40°С to +45°С;

2.5 It was certified (the current compliance certificate (СС ГА РФ the Russian Federation Civil Aviation Air Compliance Certificate) and get approval of truck type for the truck tractor (Ukraine, Russia) and semi-trailer (for Russia), completed with all required set of the technical documentation in the Russian language (the passports and certificates on the components, the approval certificates on the measuring instruments, certificates on the metrological inspection, instructions on the operation and etc).

3. Specifications

Tank capacity, l 22000

Pump capacity at the closed filling (at the back- pressure after the nozzle of the closed filling  2,0kgf/cm2), and at the rotation frequency of the  pump shaft 900÷1100 min-1 (l/min)

through  one hose 900
through  two hoses 1000


Recommended supply at the open filling through the gun, l/min  400
Cutoff filtration rating, μm 1÷2 (3÷5)*
Limit content of the free water, % (as per weight) 0,0015
Basic error of the fuel counter, %  ±0,25
Distributing hoses (number × length (m) × diameter (mm)) 1×20×50
Distributing hoses (number × length (m) × diameter (mm))  1×20×63**

*The filtration rating of the fuel depends of the completing dewatering  filter.  

**Upon Customer ’request it is possible the completing with two hoses with Ø 50mm

4. Functions

  • Bottom filling  under the pressure through one hose or two hoses;
  • Top open filling through the hose Ду50 with extension bar for the distributing gun or through the extension hose  with gun;
  • Filling of the tank by means of the  bottom loading with using  the extraneous pump;
  • Fuel agitation in tank.

5. Design of bowser

5.1 Tank

  • It is cross section oval shape, single- compartment;
  • material – corrosion resistant stainless steel;
  •  full drain of the fuel sediment;
  • has the indicator of the filling volume;
  • in the bottom part there is a drain device with the ball cock for discharging  and with ball cocks (Ду10)  for sampling;
  • device for testing of the  electric circuit  of the distributing hoses and the grounding cables.

5.2 Chassis

5.2.1 The saddle truck tractor KrAZ-64431 “Evro-3” (KrAZ-64431-02 “Evro-4” or the truck tractor MAZ-6422А5 ”Evro-3” (MAZ-6430В9-“Evro-4” are used as the truck tractor, additionally refit for the carrying of the dangerous cargoes), (protection of the fuel tank, the spark suppressor is located  on the right, the beacons of the yellow color, information name plate and etc.):

  • installation of the starting preheater of the motor (upon the special Customer’ request indicated in the agreement provisions);
  •  splash guards are installed over the  wheels;
  • Wheel arrangement  6×4, spare wheels for the truck tractor  and semi-trailer are included in the   set of delivery  полуприцепа в комплекте поставки.

5.2.2 Four-wheel carriage 2Т-18 is used as the running gear of the semi-trailer. It permits to use the semi-trailer on the roads  with passing the transport vehicles having the axial mass of 10 ton:

  • Carriage base,  mm – 1400;
  • Wheel spacing, mm – 1850;
  • Road clearance, mm – 270;
  • Number of wheels, pc. – 8;
  • Size of tyres, GOST 5513-97 – 11.00R20, 12.00-20, 12.00R20.

Brake system:

Working system is of drum type  with pneumatic twin wire  drive,  size 420×180 mm, equipped with anti-lock braking system (АБС);

parking system is of the mechanical, from the spring brake of the both pair of wheels.

5.3 Filling system

  • Fuelling equipment includes the required arrangements and units for the safety and effective filling of the aircrafts;
  • Fuel pipelines and on-off valves are made from the corrosion resistant stainless steel;
  • Working pressure of the fuel system is  6 kgf/cm2;
  • Testing pressure – 10 kgf/cm2.

5.4 Pump

  • Fuel transfer, self-priming roller vane (vane-type) pump FPОG-100-1I35 (the firm «Alfons Haar»). The pump is intended specially for the aviation fuels and  ensures the performance of the ATZ operation stated parameters, satisfies the requirements as per the filling time and disconnecting of the fuel flow feeding  with accuracy to 1(one) litre,   complete with overflow valve,  regulator of pressure and consumption;
  • Driving of the fuel transfer pump from the truck tractor motor through the power take-off device and hydrostatic drive.

5.5 Dewatering filter  (corresponds to the requirements 5 edition API 1581,  category С)

Dewatering filter HV-2044LW-VA «VELCON» (Germany) or HSC-343-243 «FACET» (France), which is completed with spare set of the filter components.
I and II degree, cutoff filtration rating 1÷2 μm, or dewatering filter ФВГк-84.516
of the  research and production association «Agregat», Chekhov, Moscow region) with the spare set of the filter components I and II degree and the cutoff filtration rating 1÷2 μm.

5.6 Flow meter -counter

  • Flow meter -counter  МКА2290А of firm  «Alfons Haarр» (under the agreement provision is supplied with  check printer and complete with anti-icing fluid metering unit, the dosage  
    0; 0,1%) or flow meter- counter ППВ-100-1,6СУк (without the instant flow indicator;
  • Indicates the instant, one-time and total consumption of fuel;
  • Availability of the current GosStandart Certificate of Russia about approval of the measuring type. 

5.7 Shutoff devices

  • Ball cocks Ду10, Ду15, Ду20, Ду40, Ду50, Ду65, Ду80 are used in the fuel system;
  • Leakage of cocks of class A as per GOST 9544-93;
  • Handle position of the ball cock is unique for the operator.

5.8 Filling hoses as per EN 1361 (BS 3158)

  • The hoses of the  firm production «ELAFLEX» (Germany) grade of  HD50C for the working pressure PN20 with the closed  filling nozzle of the firm «Karter» (with built-up regulator of pressure) with extension bar and distributing gun  РП-40Г complete with SPTA, number × diameter (mm) × length (m) – 1×50×20;  type – LT for using at the temperature  
  • Of the firm  «ELAFLEX» (Germany) grade HD63C for the working pressure PN20 with the closed filling  nozzle of firm «Karter» with pressure regulator, number × diameter (mm × length (m) – 1×63×20;  type – LT for using at the temperature from  -40°С to +70°С;
  • Filling hoses are located on the hose drums, the winding on which is mechanized.
  • Extension hose  with diameter of 50 mm and length of  3 m, with onboard aircraft connection at the end  for the open filling through the distributing gun  (upon Customer’ special request, indicated in the agreement provisions);
  • Winding of the hoses on the hose drums is carried out from the separate independent hydraulic drive.

5.9 Filling pressure regulating system

      System is mandatory, additional organ for the filling pressure regulating (besides the pressure regulator in the bottom filling nozzle) and ensures:
  • Damping of all hydraulic impacts and aligning of the fuel flow pressure fluctuation;
  • When reaching the pressure of the stated value (3...4 kgf/cm2) behind the bottom filling nozzle it automatically closes the pressure line (for example: when closing the airplane valves) and decreases the fuel pump speed to minimum ones;
  • Reliable protection against the extreme pressure of the aircraft filling system even in the case of   the bottom filling nozzle failure.

5.10 Remote control  «DEADMAN» («dead operator»)

  • Controls all process of the filling, has effect on the pressure regulate valve  and fuel pump speed;
  • Operator must periodically (in 3...4 min) approve its ability be means of pressing nonautomatic circuit-breaker, without such approval the system “dead operator” stops the filling process and pump speed is decreased to the idle speed;
  • When arising the emergency situation (at the blowing out the nozzle, the rupture of the hose and etc.) operator stops immediately the filling process with aid of the remote safety switch.

5.11 Interlocking system of the road train running (the system «INTERLOK»)

locks the brakes of the semi trailer of the bowser in case of:

  • Non removed distributing hoses;
  • Non disconnected filling hose when loading the tank;
  • Non disconnected fuel pump (non disconnected power take-off device).

5.12 Tank loading limitation system

When reaching the fuel limit level in the tank:

  • Filling bottom valve is closed;
  • Extraneous pump  (in the filling station) is disconnected;
  • Light and sound signals are supplied.

5.13 Grounding system and fire-extinguishing means

  • Two grounding drums with the aircraft cable of diameter 4mm as per GOST 2172 and with length of 30 m each are installed on ATZ. One drum at the end of the cable has the “alligator” clamp for aligning of the potential between the ATZ and aircraft. The other drum with the pin at the end of cable is used for the grounding of ATZ at the parking place.  
  • ATZ has the grounding circuit continuously contacting with the ground,  the last chains of which are made from the sparkles material;
  • ATZ is completed with the fire-extinguishing means such as the box with sand, fire blanket, two dry-chemical type fire extinguishers ОП-6 (with total extinguishing mass of 12 kg) and one carbon dioxide type fire extinguisher ОУ-3 (ОУ -7).

6. Completion

  • SPTA (set of spare parts, tools and accessories) for ATZ-22 (including the special tool).
  • SPTA (set of spare parts, tools and accessories) for truck tractor KrAZ (MAZ) (jack, tools for the technical maintenance and technical repair, extinguisher, hose for the tire inflation, wheel chocks and etc.)

7. Warranty

Warranty period of operation – 18 months месяцев from the commissioning .

Operating time during the warranty period not more than 25000 km of running or 500 hours of filling station equipment operation. 

8. Additional conditions of the product delivery

8.1 All operating documentation (operating manual, log-book, certificates and others) must be submitted in Russian language.

8.2 Compliance Certificate copy on the bowser АТЗ-22 is submitted in the set with operating documentation.

8.3 Warranty maintenance is carried out in accordance with warranty liability, and post-warranty service is performed during concluding the agreement on the service.

8.4 Painting of the external surface of ATZ is performed with enamel of firm «Hempel» under the color diagram, with the yellow or white colors (indicated in the agreement) with indication of the aviation enterprise name, ensign plate, garage number timely provided by Customer on the left and right sides.

9. Special features of the completion with the main processing equipment Equipment level  (9035.00.000):

  • Counter МКА 2290А (firm  «Alfons Haar», Germany),

with instant flow indicator

  • Dewatering filter  ФВГк-84.516 (PA «Agregat», Russia)

Cutoff  filtration rating  3-5 μm

Equipment level  II (9035.00.000-01):

  • counter МКА 2290А (firm «AlfonsHaar», Germany),

with instant flow rating

  • dewatering filter HV-2044LW-VA «VELCON» (Germany) or  HSC-343-243 «FACET» (France)

the instant flow rating 1-2 μm