Electric Furnaces

The electric arc furnace with rated capacity from 3 to 10 ton is intended for making the carbon  and alloyed steel grades.

The electric furnace is installed on the individual foundation as at the zero mark of shop so and on the raised working platform. The metallic charge is loaded from above after handling the body on the car from the furnace roof to the side of working door. The steel and slag tapping is carried out by means of tilting of furnace.

The basic components of the furnace include the mechanical equipment  (with installed on it the motors, pneumatic cylinders, water cooling, lubrication and etc.), power supply electric equipment and control of the electric motors of furnace mechanisms and  electric furnace  three-phase transformer intended for creation of the electric arcs and control of them.  

Basic specifications of the ladle furnace


Capacity, t
Charging method With using the basket  through the body top which is handled at the working platform of shop
Rated power of transformer (type  ЭТЦП - 10000/10), MVA 5
Electrode diameter, mm 300
Pitch circle diameter, mm 900
Furnace working volume (with  new lining), m3 6,138
Bath depth, mm 400
Furnace swinging speed, deg/sec 1
Stroke of electric holders, mm
Travelling speed of electric holders, mm/sec 19,2
Cooling water flow, m3/h
 for transformer
for  furnace
Air working pressure  in the cylinder of electrode clamp mechanism, MPa 0,35