Converters with capacity of 160 - 370 t

PJSC "Azovmash" executes the designing, manufacture and completed delivery of the equipment for the converter shops with converters from 160 to 370 t.  The experience accumulated for many year in designing and manufacture of converters for service under diverse technical and climatic  conditions has allowed to develop optimal designs ensuring high reliability and long service life, repairability and convenient maintenance and making  steels according to the newest technologies.   


Depending on the adopted processes of steel making, the converters are furnished with the systems of the top blowing of melted pig with pure industrial oxygen, with a supply system of energy carriers through the bottom or with a  system for combined blowing by the process gases. The converters are equipped with mounted multimotor tilting drives.

The converters  of Azovmash  design feature  an important property – possibility of replacement  of small  and medium  capacity  converters  with  vessels of large capacities with their accommodation within the existing spaces and without changing  the foundations  and metal  structures of the plant. This procedure for replacing the converters was successfully used at the Ukraine metallurgical enterprises in Mariupol, Krivoi rog, Enakievo, as well as at the Novolipetsk, Nizhniy Tagil, Weast- Siberian and Chelyabinsk integrated iron-and steel works in Russia, in Raahe (Finland) and others.

The service experience of the equipment at the metallurgical works has allowed to create on the base of the large number of the inventions and “know – how” the original designing solutions of all units that enshures the high technical-and-economic indexes.


Name of parameters /Capacity, t160250300330350370
Working volume, m3/t 135 218 268 265 320 336
Specific volume, m3/t 0,84 1,09 0,89 0,81 0,91 0,91
Bath surface area, m2 23,4 24 34,2 31 35,74 35,7
Liquid metal bath depth, mm 1550 1520 1655 1990 1800 2000
Converter  rotational speed, rpm/min 0,1-1,1 0,1-1,1 0,1-1,1 0,1-1,1 0,1-1,1 0,1-1,1
Maximum internal diameter by lining, mm 5450 6000 6600 6650 7000 7420
Mouth diameter by lining, mm 2480 3400 3430 3900 4000 4000
Average duration of the  heat cycle, min 34 36 36 38 38 38
Number of electric motors – type of electric motors - drive power – pc. х kW 4 Д-818 4х130 4 Д-818 4х130 6 Д-818 4х130 6 Д-818 4х130 6 Д-818 4х130 8 Д-818 4х130
Mass converter, t 850 1400 1432 1300 1632 1700