Loading stage device of МПУ-5000К type

It is intended for loading mined bulk onto conveyor lines /transport means positioned above the level of the excavator working position.

Capacity, m³/h 5250
Max. allowable working platform slope, deg  
- during operation 3
- during traveling 5
Conveyor belt width, mm 2000
Mean ground pressure, N/cm² 20
Type of undercarriage caterpillar
Traveling speed, m/h 360
Height of supporting portal location (upper supporting carriagein respect to lower supporting carriage), 32
Possible lower supporting carriage travel in respect to connecting bridge, 12
Slewing angle in connecting bridge layout in respectto supporting portal (of upper supporting carriage), deg ±115
Length of loading zone, m 12,5
Height of receiving hopper (max.), m 10
Length of unloading cantilever about an axis of swinging, m 30-35
Slewing angle of unloading cantilever, deg ±100
Height of discharging, mm  
- minimum 5600
- maximum 12300
Supply voltage, kV 6