Iron-making equipment

«Azovmash» performs the designing, manufacturing and  completed delivery of the equipment for the converter shops  with converters  having the capacity  from 5 to 400 ton.

The many year’s experience  in the field of designing and manufacturing  of  converters for operation  in the various operation and climatic conditions permit to create optimal designs  ensuring the steelmaking  under the state-of-art technology, high reliability and durability, maintainability and serviceability.

The important property of the Azovmash’s converter design is possibility to replace the small and medium converters by the aggregates  of the greater capacity  and located them within the existing  spaces of the converter shops without changing  the foundations and metal structures. This procedure for replacing the converters was successfully  used at the the metallurgical enterprises in Mariupol, Krivoi rog, Enakievo as well as at Novolipetsk, Nizhny Tagil, West Siberian and Chelyabinsk integrated iron-and steel Works (Russia) and in Kosice (Slovakia), in Raah (Finland) and others.

The converter equipment of Azovmash production  was successfully used in Russia,  Egypt, India, Finland, Yugoslavia, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria,  Czechia, Slovakia, Iran, Pakistan, Algeria, Korea, Nigeria, Turkey  and other countries.

«Azovmash» designs and manufactures the production machines and equipment for the steelmaking shops in wide range including: 

  •  gas-oxygen refining units for the production of the extra low carbon stainless steel grade
  • machines for feeding oxygen and other reagents to the converter;
  • equipment for ladle treatment of steel including the equipment  for degassing  and ladle steel refining systems;
  • steel ladles of different types with the capacity ranging from o,5 to 400 ton;
  • intermediate ladles for continuous casting machines;
  • equipment for the refining material addition  into the steel ladles , casting, scrap charging machine and machine for conveying steel, cast iron, scrap and slag;
  • machine for taking samples and measuring melting parameters;
  • jack devices with load carrying capacity up to 3000 ton  for converter installation, repair and maintenance  including the devices for removal and mounting of removable bottoms;
  • machines for relining  the converters and many other things.