About mining equipment

Azovmash is a well-known designer and supplier of mining and conveying complexes intended for stripping operations and mining the coal and other mineral products by open-cast methods. The machinery proved to be the best in the most severe environmental, geological and mining conditions in Siberia, Kazakhstan and Central Asia as well as on other major mineral deposits.   The machines comprising the complexes include:

  • crawler-mounted and walking rotary excavators with hourly output ranging from 2500 to 5250 cub.m;
  • spreaders (dumping radius up to 190 m) are designed for the mined rock conveyance  into the spoil  heap at direct dumping
  • spreaders for operation with transfer conveyors
  • stage loaders with unloading can­tilever overhang up to 95 m
  • bridge-type loading devices for transfer of mining bulk onto a conveyors or into railway cars
  • self-propelled caterpillar cable movers for operation with high-voltage (6-10 kV) cables, about 1200 m lengthwise

Since 1960 Azovmash has designed and supplied the customers with about 100 crawler-mounted single-bucket mining excavators ЭКГ-5. At present Azovmash offers a signifi­cantly modernized open-mine excavator ЭКГ-5АМ.

Azovmash provides and guarantees the delivery of reliable and highly pro­ductive equipment with full set of serv­ices on contract supervision, putting into operation and maintenance.

The conveyor-spreader complexes with hourly output up to 4000 cub.m produced by Azovmash are effectively used in the iterative straight-line flow technology of open-cast mining. The complexes contain walking spreaders with dumping radius up to 125 m.

The first complex of such type for con­veying and spoil heaping of hard rocks with the size of conveyed lumps up to 1000 mm and hourly output of 2100 ton was delivered to the Production Association "Karatau" in Kazakhstan. Furthermore, the conveyor-spreader systems with hourly output up to 6800 ton were delivered to the mining enterprises of Uzbekistan (Zarafshan) and Ukraine (Krivoy Rog).

Azovmash has brought into the com­mercial level the manufacture of a new products - powerful stacker-reclaimers (УЗР-1000). The machines are designed for stack­ing loose materials in layers with convey­or and taking out of the materials of stack under the conditions of open storage of by-product coke plants, metallurgical plants, ports, sinter and concentrating plants, coal mines, power stations and other installations.

Mining equipment supplied by Azovmash is distinguished with strength and operational stability, high level of automatic control, safety and operational comfort.