Mold castings

In the shop № 108 on the machine molding bay the 3 molding machines are located with dimensions of molds up to 1800x1600mm. The molding and casting of the molding shapes with mold capacity up to 1.5t is carried out here.

In the shop № 108  the castings are produced  for the heavy machine building of PJSC “Azovobschemash”, the repair castings for the needs of PrJSC “AzovElectroStal” and PJSC “Azovobschemash”. The nomenclature of the machine molding bay includes crane wheels, axle boxes, pulleys, covers and housing of the bearings as well as the other castings.    

The shop №108 has a many years’ experience on the casting of the lining plates for the distributing troughs and hoppers of the charging appliances of the filling apparatuses made from the wear resistance high alloyed material КЛИЧ-1А.

The molding and casting of the large steel parts with the mold capacity up to 50t and of the weight up to 20t are produced in the shop № 195.

The castings for the heavy machine building of PJSC “Azovobschemash” are produced in this shop. The nomenclature of the hand molding bay includes the castings  for  the filling apparatuses of the blast furnace ( the large and small bells, rings, mouths); for the steelmaking equipment (hoods, mouths, mouth-hood, covers and housing of the bearings); the die tooling for the car building ( dies, movable dies, bodies, adapter plates, bottom plates and etc.) and other large castings.