Steelmaking capacity

The steelmaking capacity of the PrJSC ”AzovElectroStal” include 2 shops specialized  in steelmaking for the large, medium and small car castings, large castings for the metallurgical and mining equipment, as well as the shop produced the continuous cast ingots from the carbon and alloyed steel grades.

The shops melting the steel used for the car casting are equipped with the electric arc furnaces with the basic-lining (namely with 2 furnaces ДСП-25, 2 furnaces ДСП-9, 3 furnaces ДСП-5 and ДСП-3) as well as with the complex of the auxiliary  and crane equipment.

The main manufacturing equipment of the shop produced continuous castings includes:

  • Electric arc furnace  ДСП-60 with  eccentric bottom tapping (of the firm «STG Group S.p.A» (Italy),
  • two «ladle-furnaces» for the ladles with capacity of 60t,
  • plant for the vacuum degassing of steel in the ladles with capacity of 60t (the firm  «STG Group S.p.A»),
  • 3-strand continuous casting machine for the production of the radial type   billets of the square 125х125 mm, 130х130mm, 150х150mm, 250х250  and round sections with diameter of  400 mm.

The shop is equipped with all necessary auxiliary and crane equipment.

Table1 – Specifications of the produced continuous cast billets.    


Billet section, mm 125х125 130х130 150х150 250х250 Æ400
Maximum deviation relative the dimensions, mm ± 2,9 ± 3,0 ± 4,0 ± 5,7 ± 6,0*
Billet length, mm 6000-12000
Rounded radius, mm мах 8 мах 10 ¾
The divide between the diagonals, mm  мах 8 мах 8 ¾

* - the traces from the rollers of the drawing and straightening machine are allowed on the surface of the billets. The trace width from the roller is not more than 80mm, and the depth is not more than 5mm.

The curve of the billet is not over 7mm along 1 m of the length but not more 50mm for the total length of the square and round billets excluding the end areas with length of 150mm. The supply of the billets is carried out as cast. There are not the belts, traces of breakouts, the cracks visible without using the magnifying arrangement on the surface of the cast billets.

Upon Customer’ request the billets with section of 150х150, 250х250 and Æ 400 mm can be produced with normalized value of macro and micro structure.

The estimated output of the shop on the production of the continuous cast billets is 350000tyear. The enterprises of Turkey, India, Iran, Malaysia as well as the Ukrainian partners: PrJSC “Lugcentrokuz”, PrJSC “LKMZ” are the main Users of the products