Apparatuses with mechanical stirring devices

The apparatuses are designed for the performance of the different physique and chemical processes with the corrosive environments.

The apparatuses consist of the all-welded body or with the removable cover body with the jacket and the stirring device with the drive.

The technological unions for the input of the product, the overflow pipes, the thermometer tubes, spreaders, observation glasses, monitors and etc. are located in the top part; the valve for the bottom output of the product is placed in the bottom part (on the bottom).  The stirring devices of bladed, anchored or belt type with drive are installed on the apparatuses. The sealing of the mixer is an end and gland sealing.

The maximum viscosity of the mixing material for the apparatuses with bladed stirring devices must be not less 3PA* at the material density of 1500 kg/m3.

The manufacturing of the analogue  products as per other specifications  and parameters is carried out on the individual order.