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Ecological programs of “Azovelektrostal”
04 november 2013
At present time the appropriate measures are taken for decreasing the manmade load.

15 years ago PrJSC “Azovelektrostal” was established on the base of the electric-furnace melting shop of “Azovmash”.  Taking into account that electric-furnace steelmaking production is one of the advanced trends of the modern metallurgy development.  During these years the outputs have been grown up having reached the value of 300 thousand ton of liquid steel per year. At present time “Azovelektrostal” meets the demands in car castings of the enterprises incorporated in the dominant corporative area of the managing company “Azovmashinvest holding”. The expanding of the manufacturing capacities has been completed at “Azovelektrostal” by using the equipment designed on the basis of the advanced technologies of the Germany companies “Siemens”, “Kunkel Wagner”, the Italian company “STG GROUP”, the Sweden Company “АСЕА” and many others with the active participation of the “Azovmash” specialists.

When introducing the new equipment in particular 60-ton furnace ДСП-60 its designer - the Italian company «STG GROUP» proposed the modern gas cleaning complex conforming to the European norms of the dust collection, the cost of which was 80 mln. $ USA, that was successfully applied in one of the workshops of the plant. The ecological problems remain the prime focus of attention for the enterprise though the pollutant emissions at “Azovelektrostal” compose less than 1% of the municipal ones.

At present time the appropriate measures are taken for decreasing the manmade load. At this the management of the enterprise does not conceal the arising problems connected with the operation of the furnaces in some workshops.  

One of such measures is equipping the furnace ДСП- 25 with a hose filter with purification efficiency of 98,9% for entrapment of the non-organic emissions of the contaminants. Before integration of the gas cleaning plant there had been issued the license for the furnace operation with the exceedance of limits for emissions till the end of 2012 with taking into account the installation of the waste treatment facilities. However, for a range of reasons including the financial ones the gas cleaning plant was not put into operation. Thus, the license was prolonged up to April of 2015 by the Decision of the Ministry of environment & mineral resources signed by Romanov, the first deputy minister in May, 2013. At this the Ministry took into account and considered the accepted measures on the using of the hose filter on the furnace ДСП-25. The engineering design on the waste treatment facility performed by the Ukrainian scientific and technical center (“Energostal”, Kharkov) will fit in the existing utilities and operating equipment. As for the investments 10 mln. hrn. from 67 mln. hrn. allotted for the project implementation have been already used.    

 “The gas cleaning plant implemented on the base of the hose filter is a modern one that permits to decrease the emissions down to 20 mgm3.  This is a half as high of the permissible norms indicated in the legislation of Ukraine”, Yuriy Serdyuk, the General Director of PrJSC “Azovelektrostal” said.

At the same time the project works have been started with the involvement of the leading Ukrainian ecological organization which has won the tender on the creation of the modern gas cleaning plants for the other furnaces used in “Azovelektrostal”. Notwithstanding the great expenses for carrying out the environmental protection measures the Group “Azovmash” does not stand aside from the vital ecological problems of Mariupol.